Is Trafficspirit Safe To Use? How About The Traffic?

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Is Trafficspirit Safe To Use? How About The Traffic?

Most of you have probably heard of "jingling" at some point, especially if you've been interested in traffic softwares or traffic bots. There's another software out there called Trafficspirit. It looks like a clone of jingling and it seems like Trafficspirit has the same features and that it generates traffic the same way as jingling. The questions I have is:

  • Would it be safe to use it?
  • Are there any benefits by doing it?
  • Have you used it or are you using it?

Any kind of insight would be appreciated.

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Hi hitmeasap thanks for asking a question here about traffic bot issue. I also heard about jingling and this is one of the best popular traffic bot on the internet. And most of the user used this free software for getting his on their website. And I visited their website after reading your post. And I saw Trafficspirit their another traffic software which make as clone of jingling and it is English version. Though jingling was Chinese version as per as I know. And I read some details about Trafficspirit, it is now their most popular software at this moment and anybody can get customize traffic by this software.

I do not know will it safe or not? Because still I do not use it any cases.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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It is a clone of the Jingling software so it turns your computer into a remote host, allowing other bots with the software installed to surf websites to generate fake traffic. It is similar to Tor in this regard, converting your internet connection into a node/proxy. I'd suggest installing it in a virtual machine if you want to test it, but I wouldn't install it on your main desktop. There is no telling what else it does that you don't know about.

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Trafficspirit is the clone of jingling but in the english version, personally i don't trust on those softwares. But if you want to try it i'd suggest to run it through sandboxie or virtual machine. Safety first.

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Thank you for sharing your knowledge about traffic bots but for sure I will not be using that because I know that it is not a legal means of getting traffic to the site. But perhaps I can use it as an experiment to see if it really works and how it makes traffic for the site. But for a legit site it might be risky because the search engines may sanction your site and be excluded in the search list.

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Traffic spirit is a very very good traffic source for increasing Alexa ranking and also to convince people that your website is gaining traffic.

This can also be used to make money on Google Adsense and as they happened to be the only two Ad networks that can read the traffic from this source and make money from it.

I did put up an article here which you will see quite interesting and it will teach you everything you should know about google Adsense, and how to make money in them using Traffic spirit and Innoshow.

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