How are heatmaps used to improve your website and conversions?

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How are heatmaps used to improve your website and conversions?

I have heatmaps on my analytics and I can see where everyone clicks. I'm unsure how to use this data to improve my website design though. What should I look for and what should I improve based on the data provided?


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Heatmap is a great tool for analyzing the behavior of your visitors. Check out how you can improve your conversion rate with the help of heatmaps below:

Click Heatmap helps track user clicks by tracking the elements of your website, the users click on. By knowing where your customers are most likely to click, you could improve your website by enriching the areas that get more clicks and by removing the things that don’t get any kind of attention.

Heatmaps increase conversions:

To begin with click heatmap helps you analyze the clicking pattern of your visitors while they are navigating through your website and offers insight on the popular areas of the site and whether there are certain aspects of the page which are being mistaken for something else. Since, the visitor has no idea they are being tested, it results in more natural user behavior.
You can easily and quickly gauge the route that your users take in finding and navigating our website and finally falling into the bottom of the conversion funnel.

Even though click tracking heat map is liberating in so many ways, it is also limiting in the fact that it is a two dimensional approach and may not give you the answer as to why a particular ad may not be working.
The ‘Eye Tracking’ Heat Map

Eye tracking heat map can help you track the paths that the visitors take across the various info presented on your website’s pages. It not only shows how many users interact with specific elements of your website, but also for how long they hold the user’s attention.
What can Eye Tracking Heat Maps tell you?

With the heatmaps, you gain valuable insight on how visitors interact with your website. It helps you comprehend:
* What kind of images attract your user’s attention
* Whether they can see your ‘search box’
* What kind of content do they get attracted to
* What element of your website is distracting your visitors?
* How long are they on your website?
* Whether your navigation is working?

What to look for in Website Heat Maps
Look for these criteria in a web-based heat maps:
* Integration with other applications especially dashboards.
* Easy setup.
* Flexibility.
* Drill-down and drill-through competence.

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Ah, so I should split test images and content then review the heatmaps? This should tell me what users are looking at and actually clicking better. This would work well for an Order button (color, for example).

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Yes, to put it as simple as possible, heatmaps show you where most of your visitors are hovering over or clicking on your site with their cursor. So if most of the hovering/click activity was happening on the right side of your site for the homepage, you could focus on improving that area of your site and of course, monetizing it if it's not already monetized in that area.

You say that you have "heatmaps on my analytics". I presume you're not talking about Google Analytics as they don't provide a heatmap.

The Google Analytics tool will help you learn about the source of your websites traffic and the activity such as page views, conversions, bounce rate etc etc that are being taken on your website. It doesn't give you the answer of why your visitors are doing certain things. It wont show you the full story as the emphasis is on the numbers rather than the reasons. Basically it helps you to know the what but not the why. To find out why you'll need to dig deep into user behavior on your site by using features like touch heatmaps, user recordings and UI analysis reports.

So Google Analytics can be used to learn about the source of your traffic, where it's coming from, where its traveling to through your site, its bounce rate or conversions etc. But it doesn't tell you why your visitors are doing certain things and why they're hovering over certain places more than other places.

To learn that you will need to install a 3rd party script which GA doesn't provide right now. Some good tools to use to learn about insights such as that are UsabilityTools ( which have been created specifically for it to show you how your sites visitors are behaving on your website and why they do certain actions. By using it you can track the clicks and movements of your websites visitors in more detail using different styles of heatmaps.

Other useful sites and that offer heatmap tools are:

Crazy Egg (
Hotjar (
ClickTale (
Mouseflow (

Hope this helps! How are heatmaps used to improve your website and conversions?

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