How Does SEO work by creating A Number of pages and Navigation menus?

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How Does SEO work by creating A Number of pages and Navigation menus?

Number of pages:
The general search engine rule is the more relevant pages, the better. Increasing the number of pages on your web site will increase the visibility of the site to search engines. Adding new information to your already published website or blog pages is essentail, search engines think about this as development and growth of the site. This can provide extra benefits in ranking Even periodically publishing additional info on your web site: news, press releases, articles, helpful tips, etc. can be useful.

Navigation menu:
While additional content is always ideal, it means nothing if you have a website that is hard to navigate. As a rule, any web site all websites will have to include some form of navigation menu. Use keywords in menu links, to provide extra search engine significance to the pages to that the links refer. The name of the menu links should be relevant to the page they are linking to.

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When I'm adding new pages I always think of what I can rank for based on the topic I'm covering. I try to add at the very least 10 pages a month to my websites. I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but remember, I have over 20 websites that I'm generating content for and it takes a toll on my hands and brain typing all day lol How Does SEO work by creating A Number of pages and Navigation menus?

When you are making some new pages always have your keywords in mind. Never just post something that is jumbled up with no keywords in it because it won't be any good if it's not optimized. Focus on getting your content to have a keyword density roughly 1% to 3% and that will be well within the guidelines set by Google, Yahoo! and Bing in order to avoid a keyword stuffing penalty. Just remember that you're making new pages for you visitors, not just the search engines (we all know it's for the search engines, but we say to do it for visitors). Don't just post a big compound paragraph with 1,000 words in it and hope your visitors will read it, they won't. If the page is structured where it is easily readable you'll increase the users happiness and you'll have a much better bounce rate. Tier the content so that it pulls peoples attention down the page and possibly add a call to action so they click something ;)

As for the navigation, another great way to help the search engines find everything is to add a sitemap that will update whenever you add a new page. By having a sitemap that auto generates after a newly added page it will reduce your work load and also help your rankings How Does SEO work by creating A Number of pages and Navigation menus?



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This is once again a question of quality not quantity. It is useless to have several pages if many of those pages are of a low quality and do not rank well. It is important to focus on creating optimized pages that will manage to rank for valuable terms, and to focus on quality— this is what will help organic traffic to increase.

Navigation menus can help in the site structure, and in this aspect they can thus help in SEO. However there are other much more important elements, such as the sitemap. Besides, as long as search engines are able to read the links, it will not matter whether they are in a side navigation menu or at the top of the page.

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I was not aware of the fact that the number of web pages matters to the SEO of the site. Maybe this is the job of the web designer but the website owner should definitely know about it so that it can be infused in the design. Usually the web designer charges by the number of pages so the website owner would avail of the standard 25 pages or so. And maybe later on the website owner can increase the number of pages by uploading new contents regularly.

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