What is your application process for joining the staff team?

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What is your application process for joining the staff team?

What is your application process for joining the staff team?

When we pick moderators on my forum, normally it is just an application and possible some related follow-up questions. However, I plan on introducing a new application process to pick the best staff members. My plan is:

  1. Application: This section requests personal information, basic application details, experience and some motivation questions
  2. Situation questions: Give them some scenarios and ask them what they will do in the different cases.
  3. Skype Interview: This aims to find out more about the applicant and ask Competency Based questions.

In the application, we will aim to pick out the most active and motivated applicants who are actually interested in the forum. Moderation experience is also a factor here although less emphasis is put on this. In the previous discussion, we have discussed about criteria for choosing staff. The situation questions aim to find out how people respond to particular situations and skills which they have. For example, we want people who have strong leadership skills as they may take on these roles in the future. Experience is also a factor here but more importance is on skills. Finally, in the Skype interview, we want to find out more about skills and experience. It may not be moderation experience but any previous experience that shows they have good team work skills will be a big plus. Lots of companies are using Competency Based questions so using them for hiring moderators is a good idea in my opinion.


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After hiring someone you should focus on a few things.

Are you going to pay them via paypal or are they working for perks like being able to post and make their services a sticky. Or are they going to get unlimited access to all sections of the forum, which is normal.

If you choose to pay your moderators, how will you pay them? Will you pay them per action (edit, service approval, etc.), will you pay them daily, pay them weekly, or bi-weekly? I know a decent amount of moderators and the ones who get paid are either paid daily through instant transfer or they get a deposit to their paypal account every Friday.

If you choose to pay them with forum upgrades and incentives, you will most likely have to give them unlimited access to each section of the website so that they can see all the secret methods posted in the VIP or higher sections. Ya know, where the golden methods are What is your application process for joining the staff team? Letting them make their own threads a sticky isn't offered by all the forums out there, but it's a nice thing to get since it allows you to put your thread at the top of the listings and you don't have to worry about bumping What is your application process for joining the staff team?

Probation Period:
Everyone is different when they get a little bit of power. Someone could seem like an active member and you'd think they're the perfect match to be a moderator. But sometimes that's not the case and the person has a dr. jekyle and mr. hyde complex. As soon as they're hired, they start banning everyone that they don't like or anyone that has the slightest backbone. A probationary period will help you weed out bad moderators since you can basically fire them for whatever you want. It sounds bad, but it's a common practice in daily jobs where people are being assessed.



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