How to Boost Your Sites Traffic and Increase Your SERP Rank with Blog Commenting?

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How to Boost Your Sites Traffic and Increase Your SERP Rank with Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting (as a method to get traffic and increase rank to your site) is often overlooked or ignored by many webmasters who've heard horror stories about people who have received some penalty or perhaps they think that blog commenting is using ScrapeBox to post thousands of comments to any blog. NO NO & NO!

Blog commenting (when done correctly) can help you in many ways that wont get you penalized by Google. From establishing yourself as an authority in your niche, finding people (blogs) to network with and getting high quality RELATED backlinks. And if you do it right, it can help you to pull all their blogs visitors and users into YOUR circles! But if you do it wrong, you can quickly get your site blacklisted and marked as a spammer or worse, a Google penalty. So here we will share how to do blog commenting properly and successfully to increase traffic, backlinks and ranking to your site.

Find Quality Blogs to Comment On

If you're going to increase traffic and rank to your site through blog comments you will need to know which blogs to actually place comments on. It really goes without saying that you will want to find blogs that are in the same niche (related/relevant) as your blog, and are high quality blogs as well. Here's some things to look for to help you identify which is a good blog or not to place a comment on.

  • They're blogging about the same things your website is about which you know a lot about and can establish yourself as an authority in when it comes to the blogs topics.
  • They have a large following and their social pages and profiles are very established and have a lot of activity. Smaller blogs can still be valuable but the bigger the better.
  • They are only white hat blogs that don't engage in any black hat techniques - you don't want links coming from sites like these as they can hurt and hinder your rankings.

A very good thing to do is keep a list of all the blogs you'll be visiting and always save the blog URL of the post you commented on. This will come in handy later on because you can check to see if they have approved your comment or not. When they have approved it, and if they've responded to it, always follow up and respond back, get the conversation started!

Practice Good Blog Commenting Etiquette

You must practice some blog commenting etiquette when commenting on other peoples blogs. While some blogs don't moderate their comment sections, some heavily moderate and have strict rules in place about what passes as a good comment and what gets denied and deleted. Some blogs will not approve your comment if it's too short or not on topic or doesn't really say anything new and interesting. You don't want to leave "Great post thanks" type of comments. You need to actually write an engaging and informative comment that sticks! You might want to check the rules of that blog (if they have any) for commenting on it, especially if commenting on the same blog regularly to make sure you're not doing anything wrong or for anything worth knowing. Make mental notes of any commenting rules each blog has. You don't have to write them down but if there are any particular rules they want you to follow it will help to do so!

Something you shouldn't be worried about is whether the blog is using no follow for links in comments or not. Getting a link shouldn't be your main priority for commenting more than it should showing you're someone that the blog owner will value commenting on his/her blog posts. In some cases, you might not want to even include a link in your comment to your site, especially if you're commenting on more than one blog post from the same blog. You'll want to focus more on the interplay of content and what you're commenting on rather than just commenting for the sole purpose of getting a link on their site to yours. At the end of the day, you'll be building related backlinks to your site from sites/blogs in the same niche as yours and these are still extremely valuable to have regardless to whether they are do follow or not! And you'll want to link to specific blog posts on your own site that is related to that blog post in some way so it actually adds value to that blog post in your comment.

You may need to register with a blog commenting service for some blogs like Gravatar or Disqus which you can use as a universal profile to comment on those blogs that use that system of taking comments. You should set these up properly so they use an avatar, have your details filled in and have a link to your website homepage or one of your social profiles. You may need them in the future and these may be looked at by the blog owner before approving your comment and chose not to if they don't look "established".

Finding Blog Commenting Opportunities

It's really not hard to find blogs in your niche. Just search in Google for your keywords and things related to your site. You'll find many many blogs that will show in the top 100 results which are excellent places to comment on for the links they provide. Once you've found a high quality blog in your niche, subscribe to it! Most blogs have RSS feeds you can subscribe to or you can create your own RSS feed instead which you can check each day for new comments and blog commenting opportunities. This can have several excellent benefits to it. Not only because you can be the first person to comment on that blog post (first comments show nearer the top of the page at the end of the content and get more clicks/traffic). But because it will show that you're subscribed to that blog as well and bloggers appreciate that!

Only post meaningful comments! Never post things like "Great post thanks", it doesn't tell the blogger or anyone reading it anything. Plus many many people post comments like these in an attempt to get a link from that post/blog/site only. It's blatant, it's transparent and it doesn't work so don't do that! Always read the blog post then compose a meaningful comment with your opinion about something said or perhaps even pick up on something said and ask a question about it at the end as well. Questions generate responses and that turns into free content for the blogger so your comments will have a very high approval rate.

Don't waste your energy on duff small comments, store it up and save it for when you have something of value to say about it. Comment on something the blogger said in the post, digress or disagree with something, be controversial or expand on something they've said and provide your own personal opinion of it. These sorts of comments are what the blogger is after and have a very high stick rate!

Never Spam Your Website Link

This is one of the most important things to say but don't spam the blog with your website link. Never post a comment that has no context in it or doesn't offer anything of value to the blog/blogger and his/her readers. Only include your website link if you have added a great comment to the site that is rich, meaningful and on topic. And when adding a link, only add one that is related to the blog post being commented on. It's fine to put your websites homepage URL but its always better to link to another article on your site that is related to that blog post. If you don't have one, and your comment is only a short one, don't post a link! It's better to get the bloggers respect first before you just post small comments with links in them. Also putting your same link all the time, even on different blogs, will likely get that domain flagged as spam and blocked and swiftly removed. Mix it up, be random!

Only Write Quality Thoughtful Comments

Good comments are what counts in the blogosphere! You don't have to write essays but coming up with a good comment is essential if you want that comment to be approved and show on that blog with your link within it. Each of your comments wants to be constructed for the blog post you're commenting on. You'll need to strike a good balance of the right amount to say, not too little and not too much, people don't really like reading long comments but bloggers don't like short comments either. So your goal is to have that perfect balance. If you have a lot to say on the matter, you could write it in a blog post on your own site, then link to that in the comment. This will have a very high approval rate and shows you're really interested and not just commenting for a link. If you don't have much to say about it, but still want to leave a valuable comment, do so but try not to put a link if possible at first until your comments are getting approved.

Be Responsful And Always Follow Up

Is that a word? It should be! Remember when I said to keep a list of all the blogs and their posts you've commented on? This will help you to return to that blog at a later date and see if they've approved your comment/link. And if they have responded to your comment, do the same back again and respond to them again. This will create lots of text around your link and show them that you're genuinely interested in their response and blog and help to make those blog comment backlinks even stronger! Thank them for their response, leave another meaningful reply and then move on. Perhaps even comment on another of their blog posts. Look at their oldest blog posts and revive them with a new comment on it. Bloggers love this!

Rinse and Repeat as Necessary

The great thing about blog commenting is that the opportunities are practically endless. This is something you can do on a regular basis and by doing so you'll not only be able to build some very high quality, related, relevant backlinks to your site but also establish yourself as an authority on your topic in the blogosphere. You'll be creating an online reputation about yourself as an insightful and valuable commentor and you'll be avoiding spam labels by showing you're in it for the long haul not just a quick short boost.

Some Things to Remember

Only post excellent, informative comments. Only post on blogs that are RELATED to your site/blog. Never post comments on blogs that may have engaged in some black hat techniques. Make sure you use proper grammar and don't use sloppy spelling mistakes. Keep a list of all the blogs and their posts you've commented on. Always follow up responses to your comments to keep the conversation flowing. Don't go mad and create 100 blog comments on 100 different blogs a day! There is no need to go fast this with. Do it slowly as and when you have a spare 20 minutes here and there. Eventually your comments will be approved and you'll have a lot of different sites linking to your site from sites that are RELATED to yours and this can give you a MASSIVE boost in the SERPS. Also, the better your comments are, the more traffic they can send to your site and these can last for many many years so it's extremely worth doing. How to Boost Your Sites Traffic and Increase Your SERP Rank with Blog Commenting?

Okay, that's about for today kids! I hope you like what you've read, find it valuable and informative! Fee free to pick me up on anything and ask any questions you have.

I look forward to hearing from you!

What do you think about blog commenting as an SEO and traffic generating technique?

Do you use this method yourself, or not?

If so why so and if not why not!?


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Amazingly detailed! And, I want to comment on all of it, over time. However, just to start, I want to saying, if backlinking is a person's first motive or thought when making a blog comment, then it's going to come out fake and get spotted as spam mile away. Find a blog (in your niche - very active, lots of readers, regular updates) that you really love reading, that you would read even if you couldn't leave a comment or link, something that informs, educates or entertains you. And, then take time to really become part of that blogger's 'community', read, absorb, enjoy, participate, chat with people who come to the blog. I'm not saying doing any of this will assist 'seo' in any way. But it helps to define you as an 'expert' as you said and people start to know you by what you're saying in the comments. When those people looking at your blog comments see the value you are adding in that same niche subject, they will want to click through to read what you're all about. And, of course, they already know you, so they're presold on the idea of 'you'. Those people will become loyal readers, followers, subscribers to your blog. They might stick around and buy whatever you're offering in your blog post, side bar, where ever you are advertising it. Why? Because that trust factor is already built up, you're not dealing with strangers anymore, these visitors are friends.

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Thanks Bev! Very true points! Very very good advice and very true too! You really know your stuff. That is an excellent thing to do to build up your reputation, trust and credibility on those blogs first which can turn their readers/subscribers into yours and make them much more likelier to buy from you, even if they don't need it! It doesn't happen overnight, well it can (a sale), but it's much more likelier when you've become a known reader/user of that blog or blogs first and the rewards are several fold. Cheers!

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Oh I have so bookmarked this Mike, because it is a Sunday morning and my kids are going insane... I need to come back to this and give it more than a quick once over.

I am so looking for ways to create my own quality backlinks for all my websites and this post has so much great information and tips! I will be back tomorrow to study this in more detail.

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I read the post again and i find new insight about blog commenting. I think it will help me to increase traffic for my website

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Excellent again mike will use some of your knowledge and put them in to action. Great post very enjoyable to read. I have bookmarked this page so I can keep coming back to it to gain more information thankyou mate for writing this.

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You're very welcome Kev. Thanks for your response and to your success my friend! How to Boost Your Sites Traffic and Increase Your SERP Rank with Blog Commenting?

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In blog commenting this post will be a tools for any blogger. From my experience I want to say that blog commenting is a great work in SEO. True technique can help any body.

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Yeah absolutely. Blog commenting can be very powerful if done correctly and consistently. A lot of people give up because their comments aren't being approved. But that's not a reason to give up, it's just a reason to keep going!

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I comment on blogs. The primary purpose of blog commenting to have my say on the topic. However, while leaving comments, I always leave links to my websites. Leaving links with comments have two purposes, generating backlinks and generating traffic. Most of the blogs use nofollow link in the comment and the links with no follow attributes are not as valuable as the links with do follow attributes, however, it does not harm your website to gain few more nofollow links.

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Posting comments should always be on popular blogs so there will be many readers who can see your comment. Of course, it is imperative for the comment to have substance and better if it is interesting enough so the readers will read the comment in full and probably will have the tendency to click on your signature backlink. I know of some bloggers who has that routine in the morning, checking on some popular blogs for the possibility of posting comments. And the purpose is to get traffic.

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