What criteria do you use for choosing staff or team members?

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What criteria do you use for choosing staff or team members?

What criteria do you use for choosing staff or team members?

When I choose staff for my forum, I normally look at multiple things. I need to make sure that they will stay active on my team for a long time and won’t become inactive overnight. Through the application, I look for experience but most importantly, I look for motivation, dedication and interest. I want to hire someone who will be active on my forum and be motivated enough to post and delete spam every day. Experience will come along with time but motivation won’t; it will only reduce as time passes so I put much more emphasis on this when choosing staff. I want to see that the applicant enjoys my forum and shows passion for it. I also favour people who are already active on my forum as that is good evidence that they enjoy my forum.


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This is a really good question. When I established my team I did everything I would come up with. I created dozens of posts in various forum where I simply stated that I would be hiring people to do this and that, just to spread my word and reach as many as possible. I also stated within my posts what the work would involve. I made bullet points for each task I would need my workers to do and I also stated the salary, "You will get ___ for doing this". That being said, I did this to reach as many possible candidates as possible, so I could pick them out one after another and discussing things privately. It wasn't until here, during the private conversations I started to ask them questions and finding out more about them. Private conversations are always better if you ask me.

So, with all this being said, I always look for:

  • People who are genuinely interested in the actual project/tasks.
  • I prefer if they have experience but it's not mandatory as I always teach all my team members myself.
  • Motivation and if they are able to work full time or a few hours.

These few things helps me a lot when it comes down to who I decide to hire. I would never hire someone who fails to answer my questions during the "interview process", as that would be a sign of weakness from the start. They either neglect my questions or, are not capable of giving me an answer, and then I'm not interested. It's a different scenario if they don't fully understand the question, but if that's the case they would ask me to give them a better explanation.

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Getting people into one's team entails really having to sort out people of likes mind,people that genuinely cares about your vision,project and jobs,people that are teachable especially because they might not really have what it takes to do the work but with drive and learning spirit, the work would be halfway done.Sometimes people with a little experience of the work might be in good standing so that you don't need to teach everything from scratch.Most importantly get people with moral standing.

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Hi Very good question by MasterA. I think it is very important that you have good quality of employee who can help you to grow your business.
For selecting right person, you have to check resume and cover latter first. Employee need to have good skill and experience for that particular job. And employee willing to take directions to take challenge. Hire the candidate who most closely matched the requirements of the job and then plan for dedicated training to bring that person’s skills up to needed levels.
Punctual and dedicate person always good for job. And communicative power must be required for any kind of job.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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Some experience is important but not a must. As long as I can see that one is willing to do his or her best I like to give them a shot. After all everyone needs to start somewhere. I would surely place importance on time and availability as that effects how much work can be done. If one thinks that working from home can be flexible he needs to understands that it comes with some responsibility too. Whenever I tried to set up a team I noticed that many were not willing to stick to deadlines and that was a big no no!

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When we opened up our computer supplies business, the first in the criteria of requirement for employees was education. It is not good to hire someone who cannot even speak good English because even if English is only our second language, that is the primary language in business offices. Besides, an employee with education has a high probability of having good manners and social graces. Our business is selling and meeting people would need those qualities that I mentioned.

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