Is the Meta Tag Description useful?

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Is the Meta Tag Description useful?

While the Description Metatag doesn't influence the SEO ranking method, it is still considered a vitally important element in search engine optimization if only because Google shows data from this tag in their search results For this reason, it's important to ensure the description meta tag is properly written and contain accurate information about the website as likely this will be the first impression the search engine user experiences with your website.

Many times, a search engine user will choose another website based on their meta tag description information, even if that site is not ranked so highly as yours. That's why it's necessary that your Description Meta tag text be brief, however informative and engaging. It should conjointly contain keywords appropriate to the page.

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Whenever I'm using a description tag I always try to get my keywords in there once or twice just in case Google, Yahoo! or Bing use my tag as what's shown in the search results ;)

By doing this I can normally get ranked for lower difficulty keywords fairly easy. For the higher, more difficult, keywords it takes more than a little trick here and there. You'll have to sit down and write, or type up, a detailed plan of attack with a timeline and stick to it.

The meta description tag is there for the search engine spiders to come in and see exactly what your website is about. If you add the wrong keywords and text to your description tag you're most likely just going to be kicking yourself later on down the road. Set your meta description tag right the first time and it will treat you well for years down the road, unless you want to change it for some reason.

Whenever I'm using a meta description tag I'll always get my keyword in there once or twice, like I said previously. I'll also focus on my title tag as well because it's like a one two punch to the search engine spiders and really lets them know what your website is about. If I'm trying to brand my website right off the start I'll also throw my domain into the title and description tags just so I'm almost guaranteed to show up when I search for my business name in a week or so after the search engines start to show me some love Is the Meta Tag Description useful?



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