Anyone Successfully Using EPN (eBay Partner Network)?

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Anyone Successfully Using EPN (eBay Partner Network)?

EPN (eBay Partner Network) is the affiliate system for eBay. Much like Amazon have an affiliate you can join, eBay have their own as well. I used to make some good money with them back in the day but have not used them in a while. You could make a site and put eBay listings in them and as eBay has so many things for sale you're only really limited by what's for sale on eBay. I used to run mobile phone review sites and I'd create pages for all the latest phones, put the spec and details in them and some reviews etc and then have eBay listings showing in them and they used to do quite well. That was before Google Panda though and I flipped them and not used it since.

I'm thinking of giving it a go with something else and possibly going to be something to do with SEO and social media as there's quite a lot of services like that for sale on eBay now. What do you think about this as an idea? Anyone else using EPN today and have anything to say / share / discuss about it as an affiliate network?


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