What are the best platforms for affiliates to find products?

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What are the best platforms for affiliates to find products?

Hey everyone,

I've been working online for a long time but I'm fairly new to affiliate marketing since I've only sold my own services.

My main question is where can I find some platforms that have a good amount of affiliate products that I can promote and possibly make a few bucks?

I know of clickbank and they have a good amount of products and services but they seem a bit cheap for me to push. I feel like people want something more that they can get their hands on and clickbank is all digital products.

Where can I find some affiliate platforms that have physical products and possibly some services? (not looking for digital products really)
Are these platforms auto accept, do I have to be approved, or do I have to be invited into them? (I'm looking for all of the above since I can register for some and get accepted later).

Thanks What are the best platforms for affiliates to find products?



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Hi I have been involving on affiliate program over some years and still I'm learning many technique for affiliation success and that i saw several best platform wherever people are working. Among all of them i prefer most amazon associates

Amazon has the biggest affiliate selling program with product from over 1.5 million sellers. Amazon has the foremost easy-to-use technology. Beginners to affiliate selling with even the most limited technical experience will have no issues in obtaining up and running with the Amazon associates program, whereas experienced marketers will produce custom tools and websites with the APIs and advanced implementations out there to them.

The great factor regarding Amazon is that something from children toys to laptops will generate sales if they're purchased through any Amazon affiliate link.

So, I like to recommend to you Amazon is the best platforms for affiliates to search out physical product.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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I think Amazon is the best affiliate network. You can find almost any digital as well as physical products on Amazon. Joining Amazon affiliate program is also very easy.
A good alternative to Amazon is Clickbank. They say clickbankgives better commission (compared to Amazon), however, I don't have experience with Clickbank because the program is not available in my location.
Other alternatives are Commission Junction and Linkshare.

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