How do you motivate your forum moderators?

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How do you motivate your forum moderators?

As a webmaster, it is important to motivate your team. Only motivated staff will be working hard and doing their job to the highest quality. Here are some tips on how to motivate your staff members:

  • Provide incentives for staff: Monetary incentive tends to be quite good with motivating staff. If you cannot pay everyone, then maybe have a staff of the month award where the most hard working staff will get a monetary prize.
  • Make their job fun: Sometimes, you should let your moderators be in charge of something. For example, if they want to, let them run mini-contests on your forum. Allow them to do more than just posting and deleting spam will make their job more fun and motivate them.
  • Get to know them: You should talk to them outside the forums and try to get to know them. This will help build a friendship between you and your staff; this is much better than an employee and employer relationship.

What are your tips for motivating forum moderators?


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Being a moderator has it's own benefits besides being paid or running their own contests. I modded a forum in the past and the main reason I accepted the job was because I knew I could instantly get my buy/sell/trade threads up almost immediately and then I could get them to be a sticky and get tons of views.

Sure there are a lot of people that pay for stickies, but if you're not paying a mod then you should give them the option to stick threads themselves regardless if it's their own or not. The forum I moderated was a decent sized one, it didn't have hundreds of thousands of people, but it had enough members for me to get a benefit from posting my threads there. Now before I was a mod I was actively posting and chatting with people, I actually still talk to some of those people on a day to day basis and I modded this forum around 5 years ago How do you motivate your forum moderators?

So the benefits of being a mod are pretty vast but they aren't talked about very often. We would be able to have access to every section of the forum since we had the highest rank other than the administrators. Having access to every section allows you to see what the secrets of making money online are (not really, but there were some gems in there). By having access to money making methods that not many people can see makes it so the method is not saturated and destroyed. I would post methods in these sections to encourage people to get to that level and reap the rewards of being a high level member of the forum How do you motivate your forum moderators?

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Incentives will truly motivate the forum moderators especially if the incentive is in cash or in kind. I just don’t know how you can make the job fun because a moderator is conducive to stress. It is one job that I think I couldn’t handle due to the undesirable members of the community. Even if there are no trolls and spammers but there are brats on the boards then that’s not a job for me.

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