What are the advantages of adding a Google map to a site?

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What are the advantages of adding a Google map to a site?

I feel that it is a good addition to a site. It is not difficult to add it either. Personally I prefer to see it on a site that I visit because it saves me time trying to locate where the premises are should I need to go there, and apart from that there is the advantage that it shows credibility. A visual representation of where the business is located is something that most customers look for. Driving routes can also be seen and it makes life easier all in all don't you think?

Do you currently display a Google Map on your site? Do you think it is a good idea to have it?


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On some sites that I visit, the Google map tries to load and crashes my page - possibly a browser issue. I would not mind seeing an enlarged screenshot (jpg image) of the location which was taken from Google maps with a link to the 'about' page that says something like 'Find us on Google Maps!' or 'click for our location on Google Maps'. And, then when you go to the About page, there's a Google Map or possibly linking directly to your company on Google maps. Just not on the homepage. But who knows, maybe having Google maps on your homepage would be good for local SEO?

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That crashing web page happened many times to me. In fact, I was searching for a place earlier this month. I clicked on the Google map to see the exact location of the place but it wouldn’t move, I mean the map was just stationary as if it was just an image. Perhaps the Google map can add points to the SEO value of the site if the map is working well with the link otherwise the user will be turned off.

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Do you have tiny low or medium sized business? Are you inquisitive about obtaining additional visitors via Google? If your answer is affirmative then attempt Google Maps.

Everybody who owns a business and has a web site is raring to get into prime 10 search results on Google, hold on there's yet one more way to reach their it's Google Maps.

A Giving a visible illustration of your business’ location and activities nearby is a powerful way to get users curious about staying at your destination.
If your business isn't as near the action, a Google Map will show the surrounding region as well. A perhaps show all of the nice golf courses near or lakes and rivers during which guests will fish and boat.

So, finally I would like to say to access any business location Google map very much helpful to reach the exact location.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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I don’t display a map on my website. I think this is a nice feature only if you have a location for others to visit. Otherwise, it is pretty pointless. I run a webmaster forum and having a map on my website serves no purpose. I go to a martial arts class and on their website, they have a map to all of their different classes. That was extremely helpful for me to find the location of the different classes. Most Google maps embedded on websites redirect to the actual Google maps website so people can easily find the direction to the destination easily.

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