Do you have a feedback system for your team?

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Do you have a feedback system for your team?

Whether you are a freelancer or webmaster, if you have a team, giving each other feedback is very important. This allows you to keep improving yourselves and help your team become better. Sometimes, not everyone on your team will be very experienced so giving them ways to improve will ensure that they can do their job to the highest quality. The company I previously worked for also put a lot of emphasis on feedback and have a very sophisticated system in place where you have meetings with someone more senior than you who will give you feedback. On my forum, we also have a feedback system; we have team leaders who are in charge of the team and they provide their team with individual feedback and help them improve for their role. Even as admins, we would request feedback from members of the forum.

Do you have a feedback system for your team?


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Feedback systems are a great way for users to basically review their peers. I know that I've always left feedback when it was offered, and I don't know why some websites don't allow it.

As for customers leaving feedback, that's more of the support side of things. I like how this works as well because you can use your own coded system or a third party system and have a star rating, smiley face rating, or just a thumbs up and thumbs down rating system in place.

Now if you have both the peer to peer rating system as well as the customer/support rating system in place it's a win win. You can see how people interact with their coworkers and peers as well as how a certain person is interacting with people they've never talked to online or in person. Having a rating system set up like this can easily weed out the people who shouldn't be with your company. You can monitor them over time and see exactly how they are and determine if they are the right fit for your company. If they're not, let them go but be nice about it and explain that it wasn't an easy decision. Also show them how many complaints or arguments they've been in to justify you letting them go. Obviously this is a last resort type of thing. I would hope a superior would give at least a couple warnings to see if the employees changes their attitude when talking to peers and/or through the support system Do you have a feedback system for your team?



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The system you described is interesting, and personally I never experienced one that went into that much detail. However I can see the benefits from it. I think that a feedback system can help beginners advance more quickly and easily. Superiors and more experienced staff will be able to keep track of what the ones they delegate the work to are doing, and any problems can be better resolved when such a system is in place. As long as all those involved provide objective feedback, a feedback system can help a team run more smoothly and with fewer problems. Team members will also be able to feel more confident I believe as they go along since they feel part of a team rather than alone.

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