How come people will sign up and not purchase from a website?

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How come people will sign up and not purchase from a website?

So today I was going through the logs of one of my websites and I noticed that I get a lot of sign ups and not all of them are purchasing from me.

Now when you get to my website you can easily see the product as well as the price. In order to make a purchase you have to be logged in or sign up a new account.

I'm seeing roughly 30% to 50% of people who sign up never make a purchase. That just boggles my mind because I know I personally would never make an account if I had intentions to buy, and then not spend a dime.

So basically my question is, why do people sign up and not buy?

Are they just trying to register their name on a website in case it gets big enough then they can come back and have the name taken? Are people worried about someone taking their username and making a bad impression that could possibly hurt their other profiles online since most of them can be found pretty easily if you're using a unique pen name?

I'm so confused How come people will sign up and not purchase from a website?

I just wish that every sign up would result in a sale. If it did I'd be a much happier person than I am already lol How come people will sign up and not purchase from a website? I'm already a pretty happy person, I just want there to be rainbows sprouting out of me every time I talk or interact with someone lmao How come people will sign up and not purchase from a website?

Well that's my questions/venting and I'd love to know what you guys/girls think.




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Good question! As an example I'll use SEOClerks affiliate program. I have more than 1,100 affiliates. As I cannot filter my affiliates by "total orders" or "sales amount" anymore (I don't know why this have been disabled), it's quite hard to see exactly how they are doing. However, what I can do, is to browse each and every page of affiliates to see the results and when I'm doing that, I can clearly see that I have a TON of affiliates who never spent a single cent.

I've been curious to know the reason and I found out that a bunch of them signed up for a free $5 coupon and couldn't use it due to another account. They were simply scammers trying to get free services. Shame on them. That being said, that doesn't cover all of these "non spenders" and I came to an conclusion that many of them got interested, created their accounts, listed some services and didn't got any orders. They never came back after that. Which is sad as they never gave this a fair chance. So shame on them again. A third conclusion is somewhat like the above. Many of my affiliates are sellers and not buyers, which makes it easy to understand why there's a loss in sales, even though a marketplace user can be both a buyer and seller.

What you mentioned about them claiming their usernames etc. could obviously be a reason too but I believe it's more about "?non action takers" in general.


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I agree with you that that is quite strange, especially with the percentages you mentioned. Personally I tend to sign up on sites that I intend to buy something from. Others I just bookmark for future reference. Maybe some of these people thought it would be better to sign up so that in the future they might remember that there is something that they may need which is available there. So based on this I would suggest sending newsletters or emails to these people so as to make them remember. Or maybe you could run a promotion for a limited period so as to encourage them to return or be active.

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Some people signup for latter use. Some sign up just to get in especially a site with locked content.

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I am wondering same thing, as i wouldn't sign up to any website where i have no intention to become active member or customer. Most of the time you need to do email verification or even more, plus you get subscribe to numerous news letters and you email is piling up with unwanted emails, so why so many people bother to sign up and never come back, it's really interesting question and i have no clue... Btw i was trying to send some really good offers to these members but in most cases it doesn't convert them into customers... And i am asking most of the time if i am doing it right or wrong, or is it just like that... Not sure.

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I have experienced the same thing in the past. It is quite weird because surely you won’t register an account if you are not going to buy anything. The only reason I can think of is that they changed their minds after registering an account. However, 30-50% of the people changing their minds afterwards seems a bit too much. These could be bot accounts. This is the only other thing I can think of to explain this. However, bot registrations serve little purpose unless you can spam the website so I am not even sure if this explanation is good enough.

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It may happen very often people may sign up but they will not purchase any time. One prime reason may for signing up any website, they do not need to pay anything but for purchasing he has to pay. Point lets come as reality. I think for purchasing anything they have to think as your own requirements but for sign up? visitors only can do by curiosity because it is free. For example past few years I am working for SEOclerks affiliate and I got huge click on my affiliate which more than 120000 but I got response very poor amount and among all of them just some are sign up and few are purchasing service under my affiliate. I realized they only sign up by their curiosity and you do not have possibility to force them to purchase anything. It is up to visitors own mind. Finding the reason as why they sing up not purchasing, it is very difficult to find out exact reason.

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The issue is that most of those people might be interested in buying stuff on your website, but might be having issues with to do the purchase and that will make them want to register first with the hope that they can buy later. So, that is a situation of things we found ourselves in.

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