How can you maximise your ad revenue?

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How can you maximise your ad revenue?

When your main source of income is from ads, placing your ads at the right place and using the right type of ads is crucial. Here are some of my tips on how to maximize ad revenue:

  1. Experiments: If you are using Google Adsense, then what you might find is a feature called “experiments”. This feature allows you to test ads with different features and see which one generates better results. If you want to maximize your income, then choose the type of ad and color variation that performs best. Personally, for me, I see no difference between a text ads and display ad; the color variation also plays a very small role in performance of ads. However, you should still try this as you may get very different results.
  2. Choose best type of ad: It is important to understand what your website does well in. Does your ads get lots of clicks? Does your website get lots of traffic but have very low Click Through Rate? You should choose your ad network according. If you get lots of traffic but low click through rate, then you should choose a CPM network. If you have lots of clicks, then Adsense may be good for you.
  3. Choose the best placement: Assuming, you want to maximize the number of clicks, it is important to put your ads at the right place and do this wisely. From my personal experience, the footer spot has very low CTR so this is a slot to be avoided. The header ad and the below first post ad (for forums) works best.

What are other ways to maximize ad revenue?


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Another way to increase your revenue would be to bring attention to your ads. Now I'm not saying to use arrows that aim at your ads, but there are a few tricks you can do without breaking any rules set by Google/adsense.

Use heat mapping and figure out what the hottest parts of your website are. Sometimes you'll be surprised at what people are looking at compared to what you think is a hot spot. The hot spots of your website are where people are looking the most. This is based off of where your mouse is going over and stays the longest. Typically the hot spots are near your navigation menus or side menus because people click through to a second or third page using these navigation features. So why not put an ad near your navigation sections ;)

Like said above, the footer of your website is probably the worst section to have adsense since it has a horrible CTR (Click Through Rate) and it should be avoided like the plague.



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Damn you beat me to it Raz! You're fast!

Just goes to show you that great minds think alike eh! ;)

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What are other ways to maximise ad revenue?

Heatmaps! Heatmaps tell you here most of the people are clicking on your site! Heatmaps are extremely overlooked and underused by even some professional webmasters, bloggers, internet and affiliate marketers today and have been for a long time. But heatmaps are extremely effective at increasing your ad revenue by letting you know where the majority of people are clicking on your site. So if most of the click activity is going on in the header area of your site, that's somewhere you might consider placing and optimizing an ad to. Or if it's in the right hand side of your site in the sidebar but only above the fold, you would know that would be a good location to place an ad to.

So yeah, heatmaps, they can help a lot! Let me know if you have any more questions about them. There are some good free heatmaps out there. A couple good paid ones but the free ones are good enough. You only need to use them on your site for a month or two. There's some good free WordPress heatmap plugins out there too and some independent ones. Just a small script and then you'll be given a page to view them on visually.
How can you maximise your ad revenue?

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If your ad partner does contextual advertising, you should have enough primary keywords (at least 5 percent) so that the ad network can understand what your content is all about. Once the ad network understands the topic, it will place relevant ads, When the ads are relevant to the content, ad conversion will increase. Let me exemplify this, your content is about cheap hotels in Delhi. You place relevant keywords. The ad network understand that your content is about cheap hotels in Delhi. It will place ads of hotels in Delhi. A visitor comes to your page to find about cheap hotels in delhi, when he sees ads about hotels in delhi, he will click these ads, When the ad gets clicked you will make money.

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