Website Flipping or Growing the website?

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Website Flipping or Growing the website?

Suppose you have a website which is earning decent money for you every month. The revenue from the website is constant despite you spend very little time in promotion/SEO. You know very well that if you spend some time with the website, revenue will grow in future. But you don't get enough motivation. In this situation what will you do, will you flip the website or you will put more time to the website?


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I would put more time into the website. Since you know that revenue will grow in the future, this means the website has potential and you should keep it unless you get a very good offer. Money is motivation so you will just have to try to motivate yourself. If you increase your revenue and then sell it, you will get a much higher amount for that website for a bit more of your time. Not to mention, you also get the extra income you get monthly. My recommendation is to put more time on it and maximise its value before selling it.

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Well little bit tricky question. Depend what kind of website it is. Future of any business or website is risky and decisions like this have to be made after summarizing all your income, outcome, goals etc. but still it involve risk in making that decision. It also depend on how much it can be sold for. Because once it's sold, it's gone and you have to think about another source of income for future....

BUT, there is a lot of people who building such websites for sole purpose to flip it as soon they can get smaller or bigger sum of money for it. I have seen many of these sold on Flippa in the past.

I experienced both situations, flipping and keeping. Because i had different websites in different niches it was different situation for each of them. Once i decide to pull out auction of my website and keep it, then few months i realized i was wrong, because my business dropped drastically on that particular website,

So at the end i have to say, there is big calculation to do and risk is involved when you making such decisions

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Put it on the back burner! If you need the money, try to flip it, if you can create a killer sales description for it on forums etc even if it doesn't have any traffic or earnings, but you have a plan in place for people to go about doing that, it has a good chance of selling. If it sells for only $50 or $100 or something, that's not a lot but it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Especially if the site would only otherwise just remain redundant in your hosting account taking up HDD space which you could use for something else. But if you know that with some work and some time, the site could grow in traffic and earnings but you can't find enough motivation to work on it, you should look at it from the bigger picture and crunch some numbers together on pen and paper or something and list out how much money you think it could earn in a week/month or years time after its had that work done on it that makes it rank higher, get more traffic and earn more money. Then that might give you a bit more motivation to work on it. You must have some kind of interest in the site else you wouldn't have started it in the first place. And really, it's only going to be you that will take it to the next level because you was the one that started the site for a reason in the first place anyway. Perhaps you knew the market for it or had a way in which you could promote it and drive traffic to it.

There's a downside to selling your site too. That is that the next person that takes it on, could turn it into a thriving and successful web business which goes on to earn them a lot of money. You have to ask yourself, are you happy with that? Could you live with that? If that's something you don't have a problem with, and you really really can't find the motivation to work on it, start listing it for sale on forums like NamePros, DP etc etc even eBay too. As sometimes, there is always someone that's willing to buy it and that's better than the alternative of just leaving it to sit there and rot and then eventually expire, right?

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I think it depends on your efforts. If you are into passive income state then growing website makes sense. If you want to make quick bucks on specific duration of efforts. In such case it'd be reasonable to have the website flipping mode. Because that seems to be working for many. And it'd be reasonable to say that it does work to some extent to some users. But I am guessing for each one of us it could take some time as well. I guess website flipping sounds like a reasonable job in that case.

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I think passive income is the way to go. If you can get a website to keep earning and increase revenue why would you not want to keep it. Sure selling it will give you a lot of cash fast but once that money is gone where are you? I like to think long term and future income =)

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Depend on you, if you want to have fast income online then Website Flipping is a good choice but if you want to earn money in long term then Growing the website is your choice!

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Its just human nature to always need a fast and easy way out and we exclude the future though it an individual and it up to you actually but I will prefer you keep, grow and nurture the site for more earning especially for future.But if you insist to sell then add even more value before selling, that way you would not just flipping the site for less.

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I think Growing a website is more profitable. I have a website that I am trying to sell. I have priced it $500. If I work on this website and let it grow, I can earn more than $100 every month. The website had a good potential. However, I am selling it because I don't have the patience to wait for profit to come, I am already suffering from the financial crisis by paying for domain renewal, hosting services and marketing.

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If I'm in your situation I'll just let it be because it's earning income so that's like passive income and it's good. And when you have some time to spare try to optimize it by doing some of the simple stuff to get more traffic. This will upgrade your income a bit .

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If you have lost motivation in maintaining your site but as in the premise your site is earning good money consistently then it is foolish to sell it. I know that website flipping is getting popular but a site that is like the goose that lays the golden egg should be protected and kept. How about hiring a virtual assistant to handle your site and you split the earnings between the 2 of you?

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