How can I get more Orders?

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How can I get more Orders?

Hi, I am Karim Islam. I am a new seller. I am in level 3. Somebody please answer my question. My question is, how can I get more Orders. Are there any marketing techniques that can be used to get more buyers? What social media should I be using? Thank you very much.


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The key to getting more orders is to provide high quality services. Buyers are more likely to come back if your services are good and they will also leave positive reviews. You should try to get your rating up to at least 99%. Buyers are more likely to purchase your service if you have 99% rating. To keep customers happy, I advise you to provide more than the stated amount of your service. For example, I see that you are offering 250 YouTube likes for $1. When they order, provide something like 300 and tell them that you have provided them an extra amount. Also, to keep them coming back, offer them a discount code for their next order. Even if it is just 5% off, they will be more likely come back and use it given your service was very good.

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You should try to offer a reasonable rate for your services. So check if your prices are similar to what others are charging.

I suggest that you make sure your service description is well written so as to encourage prospective buyers to order.

Also, make sure you use bumps. There are free bumps assigned which you can benefit from, and there are also paid bumps. With these your service gets highlighted in the marketplace list for some hours so it looks more prominent. You could also consider putting a service on sale so as to encourage people to buy so as to benefit from the discounted rate.

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Hi Karim, there are many ways in which you can increase your sales and get more orders, several already mentioned here. But the very FAQ here is a great place to get more tips and tricks on how you can get more orders as a seller here. Just recently in fact there has been some excellent guides put up on how to go about doing that. Some of these include;

How To Become a Successful Power Seller on SEOClerks.
How to Decrease Your Response Time.
And find out how what the 5 Most Common Mistakes Freelancers Make.

Also an excellent FAQ that can be applied as a business owner or an SEOClerks seller is the faq on How to Get Your Business Off the Ground which has some excellent pointers in it that can be applied to selling more services here also.

Also don't forget, SEOClerks update their seller TOS from time time as they did recently.
So make sure you are familiar with the New SEOClerks Responsible Listing Guidelines.

You really don't have to go far to find these to selling tips! How can I get more Orders?

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Hi thanks for your question and this is very common question from new seller and also experienced seller want more sale.
But In general I would like to say, provide high quality service and explain very clearly in your service description what you are going to provide to buyer. And buyer has to understand if he purchase your service, what benefit he will get.

And explain yourself why you better compare with other. You can show up previous buyer review and explain about your experienced for that particular task. And use SEOclerks bump service. You can use it free or paid. Paid bump will re-bump your service 2 times within 24 hours. So, my recommendation use paid bump. And make your service by different featured. You can purchase category featured and permanent featured. Promote your service on several social media site.
This simple attempt may increase your sale

Thanks by Ajlancer

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