How to tweet successfully on Twitter?

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How to tweet successfully on Twitter?

If you ever thought how to so good results in marketing on twitter by only 140 characters including text, hashtags and link, then try to follow these tips:

  • Tweets which include relevant images receive significantly more engagements. Approximately 25% 30% more retweets, likes and replays then plain tweets without image.
  • For tweets that include text of 20 to 40 characters tend to get 58% more engagement then image tweets with 60 or more characters!
  • Tweets without images are working better if they are about 120 to 140 characters and get 77% more engagements then short tweet without image.
  • Links within tweet are great for driving traffic from Twitter but if you looking for retweets and likes, experiment without links! Tweets without links receive app. 25% more engagements then these with links
  • Use #hashtags for more engagements! Tweets with more hashtags tend to receive more engagements and have a long lifecycle, but also easier to find in Twitter search results

If you have more tips, please share here!


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Hello & thank you for this valuable information. Although I understand how powerful twitter can be for your business if you make your tweets proper with using hashtags and all that, I would like to know where you got this statistics from? - I've done several things myself on twitter in some sort of case study to find out things like the "do's and don'ts" and it became clear to me that using relevant hashtags, but not overdo it, help you to gain a ton of exposure. Especially when you mix that up a bit by using images and good, valuable information within your tweets.

When I did this, I compiled my results into plain text so that I could easily spot what worked out best for me, but these percentages you show didn't match my own statistics, even though it's quite near on most parts. Which is the reason I ask you where you got this statistics from. Is it based on your own experience?

Best Regards,

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Well sure, stats can vary from user to user and different skills you use at the time. I guess these stats above was from Jeff Bullas and Mashable blog some time ago and in compare to my own average stats it's very close. I was amazed about results by Tweeting without links. Some months ago i tried it and i was occasionally tweet some quotes few times a day with #quote hashtag, then after few of these tweets i publish one with image and link, and get much better conversions. Probably tweeting without links is building trust by your followers, then it's converting better after when you promote something.

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Thanks for letting me know the source you've used. I couldn't agree with you more! Tweets without links and hashtag spam works great for building reputation, and you'll also gain followers by doing this eventually, as long as you tweet quality content. Most people who's tweeting for followers or sales today are spamming out tweets every 5 minutes or so, with links in all of them. Which is also why most of them won't gain anything by doing it.

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You need to tweet so as to get more clicks and retweets. That is what matters the most when using Twitter. So it is important to write really great tweets, and make sure that your timing is just right. With your tweet you need to talk with the people and not force something on them, so try to be informative but not in a bossy kind of way. Being conversational is very important. Try to use certain words and phrases that are most likely to encourage retweeting. I agree that hashtags are very important as they receive more engagement than those without.

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Thanks for sharing this stastics.
I use twitter to promote my products, services as well as websites and web pages. I have two twitter account. My personal account has only 400 followers, however, my website account has 6.5 K followers. Some of these followers are bots, though.
In order to get most from twitter, you need to remember a couple things, such as
write a short but interesting teaser.
share shortened links (this will reduce your character counts on tweets allowing you to add more characters)
use hashtags.

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As per what I had read in several discussions, an image truly enhances the post in social media whether in Facebook or Twitter. There is the magic of the image on the eyes of the user that we tend to be attracted and thereby would be reading the text or caption of the post. Especially when the image is interesting like something that is not ordinary or even intriguing, the reader would be mesmerized as if to be asking for more.

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