How to Get Your New Business Website off The Ground with SEOClerks

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How to Get Your New Business Website off The Ground with SEOClerks

Hello there dear entrepreneur, webmaster and newbie SEO or Internet Marketer. Having a great idea is one thing, but taking that idea and making it go from zero to hero is another. In these tough times it can be hard going for any business let alone a young budding one. Fortunately for you, SEOClerks can help you to get your website or business off the ground and go from zero to hero to fortune 500, maybe.

Whether your website or business is just starting out or already an established and thriving business, SEOClerks has freelancers that can help you! Here we have put together some ways in which SEOClerks can help your business to succeed and survive so you can become the next fortune 500 company, with some help from the pros of course!

10 Things Your Business Website Needs to Succeed

1. A Business Plan

A successful business needs to have a good plan behind it. A plan of attack if you will. A plan how you will do certain things from marketing and promotion to SEO, to handling clients, customers sales and feedback. If you don't have a plan in place for how to do something and that happens, how will you be able to deal with it? Waiting until something happens before you do something about is never as good as already having a plan in place and knowing what you're going to do or be able to do when it does happen. Fortunately you can find a freelancer here or business minded individual that has experience in planning for things from a business perspective that you can hire to help create a strategic business plan or just plan out how you're going to go about getting things done.

How to find business plans and advice?

  • Search the site for Business Plans sorted by top rated to find the best first.
  • Visit the Hire a Freelancer page to find a freelancer who is experienced in that sort of thing.
  • Or create a WTB explaining what you're looking to do and then someone can bid on it that you can hire to help you create a good business plan.

2. Market Research

Who will be your intended audience? What do people think about your product, service or business model? Doing market research for your business is vital and plays a pivotal role in knowing more about your intended buyers and what their expectations are so that you can deliver that expectation to them. Doing market research helps you to know these things which will help your business to have a better chance of being successful from the start and staying successful later down the line.

How to find and get market research?

3. Business Tips

Take your business to the next level! Tips and tricks are the life-blood of a good business. Sometimes a small tip can go a long way! There are many people on SEOClerks that have a lot of business sense and experience that are willing to share that experience and knowledge with you for a small fee. These business tips can be tailored for you or your type of business as well as general business tips that can help your website or business to grow into a successful and thriving one. Many big businesses today got where they are because they took the advice of an experienced business minded individual.

How to find business tips for your new business?
  • Search the site for Business Tips or visit the Hire a Freelancer page to find someone with those credentials.
  • You can also create a WTB asking for business tips for your business and people can bid on it so you can find someone for a small fee.

4. Virtual Assistants

Make running your business that little bit easier so you can focus on other important things! Virtual Assistants or VA's as they're otherwise known as, are like real workers you might employ in your office or factory that work from home or somewhere else in the world doing things for you that you don't have the time or skills or tools to do yourself. This lets you focus on much bigger things for your business like promoting and advertising, coming up with new products or services to sell and handling all the sales you've made! This is an area that really shines in SEOClerks in that there are hundreds of VA's that will be willing to do the work for you for a small fee.

How to find a good reliable VA?
  • Search the site for Virtual Assistant and sort by top rated.
  • Visit the Hire a Freelancer page to find someone capable.
  • Create a WTB requesting a VA by stating exactly what it is you are looking for them to do and what it is you'll be willing to pay as well.

5. Financial Consulting

Every business needs some sort of financial advice or consulting such as when it comes to paying taxes. Paying taxes isn't fun, but it doesn't have to be a nightmare either! When your business gets big and makes big money, you'll need to know all these things so you don't run into trouble with the IRS or the HMRC. There are some people on SEOClerks that will be able to give you all sorts of financial advice from paying taxes to paying wages, to budgeting and resourcing. Get pro tips that covers every aspect of your businesses financial outlays or incomings!

How to find and hire a financial consultant?

6. Presentations, Logos & Banner Design

One part of a successful business is having attractive looking presentations, sales pages, logos & banners. But as an amateur entrepreneur or webmaster, you might have everything else in place but not be able to come up with and create these sorts of things that can make your business stand out from the rest! Fortunately, there is no shortage of experts on SEOClerks that can handle and do this part for you so you can really shine and enjoy all the benefits that having attractive sales pages, presentations, images and logos etc can bring.

How to find them?

7. Internet Marketing

Without advertising your new business or service, nobody is going to be able to know about it and nobody is going to be able to buy your product or service. So in order to get people to know about your site, business, products or services you will have to do some Internet marketing at some point. Internet marketing covers doing many different things in which to drum up traffic and clients to your site. From forum advertising to promoting on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and more.

How to find Internet marketing services for your business?

8. SEO

You'll need to do SEO on your website or business website if you want that website to have any chance of ranking high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Those are what show to people when they search in Google for something. Something which your site might just happen to sell and provide. If you want people to find your site then you will probably have to do some SEO on it. Whether it's on-page SEO (writing great content) or doing off-page SEO (building backlinks). But that can seem confusing and daunting to a newbie SEO. Fortunately, you can find many great experienced SEO's here already that can do that part for you and do it well indeed.

How to find a good SEO service?
  • Just visit the SEO Marketplace, use the category selector on the right hand side of the page to see what kind of SEO services would be ideal for your new website.
  • You can also create a WTB asking for something specific or suggestions too.

9. SMM (Social Media Marketing)

SMM is something that you will do if you spend any time updating your social media profiles and pages. Any time you add a new post to them from your site that is SMM. But doing effective SMM can take a long time and lot of hard work. Fortunately for you, this is also something else that you can get in spades here too.

How to find SMM services?

10. Check the FAQ!

The SEOClerks FAQ is a treasure trove of helpful and informative information that is constantly updated and worked on. They are always removing faq's that aren't relevant for today and updating them as needs be. But there will be people that have asked some frequently asked questions that you might have for your business. Just search the faq for some of the questions you may have and you may be pleasantly surprised to find answers that can help your business to succeed in the online world today!

And there we have 10 ways you can use SEOClerks to get your new business or website off the ground and out into the ether that is the Internet. With all this help available to you, there is no reason why you cannot succeed today thanks to SEOClerks! How to Get Your New Business Website off The Ground with SEOClerks


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Excellent tutorial, idealmike! These 10 tips are wonderful ways to get anyone to succeed on SEOClerks. I do feel that starting off with a really good business plan is essential. If there is not a plan in the works, then essentially you are really unsure about where you want your freelancing career to go. Many may not realize how crucial this first step is, but once that is laid out clearly, the rest can fall into place!

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Very good article indeed. Seoclerk's freelancers really have so much to offer when it comes to quality SEO and social media marketing. Here is great potential and a lot of quality service providers which can build any business website from "zero to hero" from creating website to building it's exposure on social media sites and populating it on various search engines. Really good startup suggestions!

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The things I probably liked the most in this valuable article is the fact that all the points in this list is great to remember no matter where or how you do business online. That's also one of the reasons I love SEOClerks. As a marketplace truly for the users and not for buyers or sellers alone. Once you start to see things from another perspective or with open arms you'll shortly see that there's potential literally everywhere on SEOClerks. Here's an article about The 5 Most Common Mistakes Freelancers Make. Don't forget to think twice about those 5 mistakes before you start. My final words are: Read, Learn and implement what's stated within this article. You'll benefit from it now & later.

Best Regards,

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Hi idealmike you said some awesome tips a for new business website. Those parts are very essential for establishing a new business. And clients can easily find all those point related service in SEOclerks which you directed under all points. Though SEOclerks is one of the best SEO related marketplaces. But here working lot of versatile freelancer. And they should make any new business website from Zero to Hero.

Most important SEOclerks gives freedom to any buyer to create WTB for offering job freely his own instruction to get any services from freelancer. And really SEOclerk is the biggest ground to grow any business even new or old website.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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