Elite Proxy Scraper - The Highest Anonymous Proxies - Over 1000 Proxies in a Minute for $8

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Elite Proxy Scraper - The Highest Anonymous Proxies - Over 1000 Proxies in a Minute

As you should know that all proxy scrapers today only scrape mixed proxies.

But that’s a serious problem?

Why is that you ask yourself?

Well the problem is that not all proxies are anonymous?

See the list below:

Level 1 -Elite Proxy. The highest in anonymity. Websites you visit cannot detect your IP

Level 2 –Anonymous proxy. Websites you visit cannot see your IP address but can detect
that you are using a proxy.

Level 3 –Transparent proxy. The word transparent says it all. Any website you visit will
see your IP address and know you are using a proxy.

If you are using proxies from a proxy scraper, then you will not know which ones are
anonymous and which ones are not. This will be leaving you lost in the dark.

If you use proxies for SEO then this can give you bad results if servers detect your
IP. So you need to use the highest anonymous proxies as possible which are Elite proxies.

So how can you get a proxy scraper that just scrapes Elite proxies? Well once again I am
here to save the day. It took me many years and months trying to figure out how this can be done in my lab. Many sleepless nights, drinking hot cups of coffee, scratching my head, banging on the table with frustration. But I finally did it.

So now this is your chance to get a rare peace of software that will be very hard to find on the market. You’ll even be lucky to find one like this at all.

Note: These proxies a public proxies. So this means that not all proxies will work all the time when you try to use them but the majority of them will due to the high amount scraped. Reasons why some may not work can be because some of the proxies maybe too slow or too many people using the same proxy at once, but this is standard stuff if you know about public proxies. Any way it doesn't really matter because the tool scrapes over 2000 new proxies by the hour.

This tool scrapes over 1000 proxies in less than a minute!

This software is not compatible with countries that block websites. If you are from one of those countries like Saudi Arabia as such then please do not order of you will not be refunded once the software has been delivered to you.

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