10,000 Valuable USA Traffic For Your Blogs / Websites for $2

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10,000 Valuable USA Traffic For Your Blogs / Websites

Due to increased price, the traffic is again 10,000.


Important to realize that, getting some quality traffic will always handy for any website or blogs. If the traffic will come from the USA, then it definitely is acted as ‘health drink’ for your website or blogs. In this service, I will deliver ‘10,000 Real Human Traffic from USA’ continent to your website or blogs. The Traffic delivery will start within 24 hours after the purchase of the service. From time to time, boosting your website or blog with USA traffic will be obviously, significantly beneficiary.

Significantly, when buying my services, you may not like to pay the "Seoclerk's $0.55 Processing Fee"! If you 'Add funds To Your Balance' with $5 or more, then you don't have to pay any processing fees. Because "Paying with your Balance" has no fees as per the Seoclerks. Click HERE to add funds to your account.

Buy now, and get 1500 traffic extra, total 11500 usa traffc for $2.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is it Google Adsens esafe?
ANSWER: This traffic is Adsense safe.

2. Is the traffic safe for an affiliate link with Adsense banners on it?
ANSWER: Yes, this is safe traffic.

3. What is the source of this traffic?
ANSWER: The social networks/ media!

4. Are the traffics come from BOTS?
ANSWER:NO, we use real human participants with unique ip address.

5. Do you send traffic to Facebook pages?
ANSWER:Sorry, we don’t.

6. Do you accept affiliate sites or affiliate links?
ANSWER: Yes, we accept them.

7. Can you send traffic to link/url shorteners?
ANSWER: Sorry, we can't send traffic to these links.

8. Can I use this service for my YouTube video?
ANSWER: Sorry, you can’t use this service for YouTube videos.

9. How many minutes will be spent per device?
ANSWER: Its approximate 30-40 seconds duration per device!

10. Do I get a report for this service?
ANSWER: Yes, you will get a full report when I deliver the job.

For any other questions please contact/ message me anytime!


Traffic Usa Human Adsense Safe


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