• 50K Traffic Funnel + 50 Million Group Post Advertising Service
Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentleman for we have all your traffic and advertising needs met with our unique Traffic Funnel + 50 Million Group Post Advertising Service.

50+ Million Users could see your message and 50,000 users will visit your site!

We use only the biggest social networking site which has the most users. Now with our service you can tap into that and have your site/message shared to over 50,000,000 people and receive 50,000+ real social media visitors funneled directly to your site all in one awesomely useful service.

This is a 2 fold service, both have their own benefits. First you get your site/message etc shared to some of the biggest Groups that collectively have over 50,000,000 fans/users. Secondly you get 50,000 minimum traffic visitors sent to your site too.

We post to the BIGGEST Groups in this service. Some of these groups have nearly half a million users. They are VERY active and we will post your message and link to all of them. Up to twice a day!

Quite simply, Group posting works! It can be used for so many reasons, for boosting businesses and creating brand awareness. To getting traffic back to your site by people interested in your offer.

What you will get when you order this service.
100+ Big Group Posts to 50,000,000 Users.
50,000+ Real Social Media Visitors.
Free report and tracking provided during and after complete.

The Benefits to Posting to Groups
  • Over 50 million people will see your site/product/service/video etc instantly.
  • Over 50 million people will get notification about your product/service/web just by few messages.
  • Over 50+ million people will get an email notification email. So like email marketing. A double whammy.
  • Create over 100+ powerful big group posts that will last forever and IMPROVE your ranking positions.
  • Creates and builds brand and product awareness to millions of people.
  • All posts manually created by hand, we don't use any bots or tools to do the posting!
  • Cheap and affordable price for REAL advertising.
  • Long time Level 3X SMO and SMM provider.
  • 100% natural and safe ranking effect.
  • Great reliable and valuable SMN & SMM service.

The Benefits to our 50,000 Visitors
  • 100% real authentic social media visitors.
  • 100% Google Adsense and network safe.
  • Fully trackable in Analytics and other tools.
  • Improves your sites metrics and Alexa rating etc.
  • Fully guaranteed or full money back guarantee!
  • Traffic can be sent all at once or over 7 days.

Rules and Requirements
Please provide your site/URL and description to use when ordering.
Split is available depending on what you want to to do no problem.

Sites we accept/things you can post/use
? Websites in any industry or language but English preferred.
? CPA offers, software/hardware/services/products etc.
? Sites, Blogs, Videos, Social Pages etc.

Sites we don't accept
? Anything not safe for work, (family friendly) illegal, adult, wares.
? For traffic no shortened links, redirects, frame-breakers, exit page alerts.

Price: Just $24!


What Country Are The Groups Mostly in?
Most of the groups and pages that we post to are US based groups. About 70% US, 20% UK and rest Worldwide European countries.
How Much Traffic Will I Get?
A minimum of 50,000 visitors to hundreds more. We will send you 50,000 visitors guaranteed anyway but if your post that is shared to the groups is appealing it can go viral for a long time, get likes, comments etc and send traffic for years to come.
How Does The Traffic Work? Is it Real?
Absolutely 100% real traffic visitors. I've been providing website traffic for many years and have many systems set up in which we can divert and funnel social media traffic from hundreds of different websites to your website. If you can prove otherwise we'll give you a refund no questions asked! You will see traffic coming from social media that we send and from the groups posts too.
Do These Posts Show As Social Signals?
Yes! They show up in Analytics as part of your Social Presence and as Shares/Likes and Comment social signals for any shares/likes & comments the posts get.
What is Allowed and Accepted and what is Not?
We will post anything Safe for Work. No adult/illegal stuff. You can post anything though, your website, blog, product, video, CPA, affiliate offers, Amazon stuff, your own page etc anything. Ask us first if unsure.
How Many Links Can I Use in The Service?
Splitting the service across more than 1 link can reduce the effectiveness it can have so its best to use 1 link per order. However we're not too strict and can use a couple from the same domain and split the traffic too if you like but its best to use 1 URL per order so that it gets the full impact of the service.
How Long Does it Take to Complete the Work?
The group posts are usually all done in a couple of days. Average time from purchase to completion is 2-3 days. The traffic can be sent all at once (fast) or spread out over 7-30 days (default 7 days). We will deliver the work in a couple days but your traffic will run continuously until all of it is sent. Tracking provided. NOTE: We can't do "Quick Delivery" if you order with a lot of extras, it's only meant for the standard service (posts done in 1 day).

If you have any more questions please feel free to message me here.

Have YOUR site or message shared to 100+ BIGGEST Groups and receive 50,000 real live visitors from for only $39! It's a no brainer!

Let's Get You Noticed!

Don't delay order now!

Update: 24/8/16: Updated service with bigger groups. Get more exposure!

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  • floodlightseo
    floodlightseo 1 month ago

    Thanks again! Awesome job as usual.


    • idealmike

      Thanks and welcome! A+++

  • alexfurfaroseo
    alexfurfaroseo 2 months ago

    Working great as usual. Thanks.

    • idealmike

      Thanks! You're very welcome cheers and to your success! A+++

  • alexfurfaroseo
    alexfurfaroseo 2 months ago

    Traffic is coming in as expected. Thanks.

  • alexfurfaroseo
    alexfurfaroseo 4 months ago

    Thanks for running traffic. Checked out the short links and working great as always. Thanks Mike.

    • idealmike

      Thanks Alex cheers and to your success! A+++

  • bmitchell31
    bmitchell31 5 months ago

    Excellent service once again!

    • idealmike

      Ah thanks B! Always when it comes to highly prestigious clients like yourself! Much cheers and to your success out there! PS. I'll send you a discount code to your inbox for your next orders shortly. Cheers! A++

  • blueant
    blueant 5 months ago

    great work as always. many thanks

    • idealmike

      Thanks! Always cheers and to your success! A+++

  • steffanbaker
    steffanbaker 6 months ago

    Great professional SEO service. Work was completed very quickly for our website https://www.homedesign.eco
    Super communication and we were kept updated at all times. Recommended .

  • DrFrankenstein
    DrFrankenstein 6 months ago

    order completed on time and awaiting results from traffic.

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    Ellie772017 6 months ago


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    SuperstarSEO 8 months ago


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  • constparam
    constparam 8 months ago

    Great job as per usual. Thank you Mike!

    • idealmike

      Thanks! You're always welcome! Cheers and to your success! A++++

Buyers Comments

  • bharatbansal

    Will I get traffic from 50k different IPs after getting referred by Facebook. Is this genuine traffic or hits sharing?

    2 years ago
  • idealmike

    Hi. Yes, and yes. We don't use bots or anything like that! Thanks!

    2 years ago
  • punaneh

    is this really effective?

    2 years ago
  • idealmike

    It can be yes. It's SMM. So the more you do the more effective it is. Cheers!

    2 years ago
  • meolibestcy1982

    Can you send me some samples. I have 2 websites and want to make 2 orders if your service is worth for me.

    Also please let me know these things:

    1. If I have adsense enabled site withh it make any bad effect on my site?
    2. WIll it help me in promotiog my ICO?

    1 year ago
  • idealmike

    Hi there's no samples to show you. You get 100 FB group posts and 50k FB traffic.
    1. No why would it? It's just SMM work.
    2. ICO? Probably!

    1 year ago
  • ChBilal024786

    Dear does have to be 50 k views or visitors or can be more as u have over 50 million groups plz reply

    1 year ago
  • idealmike

    Hi it's not 50 million groups. That's the amount of users collectively of all the 150+ groups we post to. We can indeed submit to more groups and send more traffic though yes! I hope that helps!

    1 year ago
  • ChBilal024786

    Thank you dear but it is possible to get more then 50k as I will give youtube video

    1 year ago
  • ChBilal024786

    Ok dear sir thank u then I will buy your other service of 100,000 k for YouTube video thank u thank u dear great sir respect you

    1 year ago
  • snakefood3232

    will you work with cbd websites? www.topofthetrees.com

    3 months ago
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