• Pin Your Website or Anything to Big Pinterest Community Boards for You
  • Pin Your Website or Anything to Big Pinterest Community Boards for You

Get your website or anything pinned to 10 BIG Pinterest Community Boards and Get residual high quality traffic from Pinterest for Life!

Hello dear entrepreneur! I'm the owner of several very old and established Pinterest accounts that are a member of many very big community Pinterest boards.

In this service I'm offering to pin your website or video or whatever to 10 of these boards of your liking or I can choose which boards to pin to for you!

You cannot pin to these boards yourself unless you are invited to them!

Just send me your link with a small message and I'll pin it to up to 10 of the biggest community boards on Pinterest.

Tip! Pins that are pinned to big Pinterest community boards naturally amass and earn many more repins, shares and likes much faster than pins that aren't!

About These Boards and this Service
I have many big boards in many different niches. I have general niche boards too. I will pin to the most closely related boards to your niche at first and the rest to the rest. Once pinned your pins will remain forever. A full report will be provided when complete.

Some of these boards have insane amounts of users using them every day and your pins will be seen by them in the groups by anyone use them and on the Pinterest timeline too as they are repinned and shared around the site over and over.

These boards are very BIG Pinterest boards. Pinterest is a high authority site so these boards rank HIGH in Google on their own. This means you can use Pinterest bookmarking site to target keywords in the SERPs.

For low-medium competition keywords you can often get a single pin ranking high for a certain keyword phrase. Give us your keywords when ordering. We'll use it in all of your pins along with a Call-To-Action to increase engagement.

I have over 400+ boards on my Pinterest account. Most boards have between 10-100k followers in them. When you add up all the users of those boards together, collectively it comes to around 70,000,000+ followers that could see your pins.

Boost Your Website with Pinterest Traffic!

Pick and Choose!
You may pick and choose which boards that you want us to pin to.
Click here to download a list of our boards and their followers count.
Tell us which boards you want us to pin to and we will.

Service Features
★ Top Notch Pinterest Service!
★ Your Pins will Remain Forever
Improves your ranking positions
★ Very powerful SEO benefits
★ Useful for Targeting Keywords
★ High Quality Work Done by Hand
★ Long Time Level X3 Seller
★ Service often done on same day!
★ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Just place your order and let's get you pinned!

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User Ratings

  • Ben001
    Ben001 2 months ago

    He did a great job, recommended

    • idealmike

      Thanks and to your success on Pinterest! A+++

  • rexn11
    rexn11 3 months ago

    Thank you Mike.
    Great job, I am happy to find people like you to work with us
    We will contact your services again.
    We appreciate you work, and we are happy to recommend your services.

    • idealmike

      Thanks for your order and to your success on Pinterest! A+++

  • oddpeanut
    oddpeanut 6 months ago

    Very pleased thank you!

    • idealmike

      Great! You're welcome thanks and to your success on Pinterest! A+++

  • onlypremiumseo
    onlypremiumseo 7 months ago

    Very good service... Highly recommended.

    • idealmike


  • nexchild
    nexchild 8 months ago

    Excellent work!!!

    • idealmike

      Thanks! Excellent work for an excellent client! A+++

  • zamzari2018
    zamzari2018 9 months ago

    I have checked & all were in boards with high followers expect 2 boards but replaced with other boards that has 5 figures followers. Its highly recommended for others.

    • idealmike

      Thanks! A+++

  • Triharjanto
    Triharjanto 9 months ago


    • idealmike

      Thanks for your order and to your success! A++

  • stanchar
    stanchar 9 months ago

    Thank you

    • idealmike

      Welcome! A+++

  • operator99
    operator99 10 months ago

    Seller always delivers what a guy.

    • idealmike

      Thanks Op cheers and to your success! A++++

  • bmitchell31
    bmitchell31 10 months ago

    Excellent job once again! Idealmike is always right on the money. I have used his service many time and he always delivers a great product and service. I highly recommend using his service.

    • idealmike

      Excellent! Every time! Thanks B it was a pleasure once again to work on this one for you. Wishing you all the best with it all and to your success on Pinterest! Top client great guy a real go getter! A+++

  • clevlend12
    clevlend12 10 months ago

    Great Job, Great Service, Will order again soon. Thanks

    • idealmike

      Great thanks you're welcome for that and look forward to it too cheers and to your success on Pinterest! A++++

  • arzamas
    arzamas 11 months ago

    thank you!

    • idealmike

      Thanks and welcome! A++++

  • blueant
    blueant 12 months ago

    many thanks

    • idealmike

      Thanks and welcome! A+++

  • BetterLMSimple
    BetterLMSimple 1 year ago

    Thank you mike.

    • idealmike

      Thanks and very welcome! A+++

  • Angelitos
    Angelitos 1 year ago

    Mike is serious seller and very helpful.However;to avoid any missunderstanding or any disappointment ,I recommend you before you order to ask ,agree with him and confirm if he will be able to deliver all the goup boards invites you have requested because as he has explained me that for some groups only actually the owner can send invites "Please confirm with him before your order".
    Generally,I am satisfied with my experience and I will buy again from him.

    Thanks Mike..C

  • onehoney
    onehoney 1 year ago

    Great seller thank you

    • idealmike

      Thanks! Great buyer! Cheers onehoney and to your success on Pinterest! A+++

  • edi4u
    edi4u 1 year ago

    Hello Mike,
    That was pretty fast. Thanks for the quick delivery and great job

    • idealmike

      Thanks! Yeah I can usually do it same day / same moment if I get the order when I'm online and on here. Thanks again! Enjoy and good luck with them all! Do order again soon to improve your ROI cheers! A++++

Buyers Comments

  • B5rnard

    anything for baby clothes and kids clothes?

    3 years ago
  • idealmike

    Hi. We do have a few fashion boards and other boards we can submit that stuff to. Check the list above or we can pick them for you. We have boards that can pin anything to also.

    3 years ago
  • ar057453

    Do you have any board for iphone lovers?

    2 years ago
  • idealmike

    We have boards we can promote iPhone related stuff in yes.

    2 years ago
  • mmcn

    do you have any boards for hairstyles?

    2 years ago
  • idealmike

    Yeah, a couple that are dedicated to hair I think yes but many big fashion boards for hair stuff and other boards we can pin that too also yes.

    2 years ago
  • elias8808

    you have boards for nails decoration?

    2 years ago
  • idealmike

    Yeah I think, we have fashion / style boards anyway. Check the list above.

    2 years ago
  • dejan

    do you have any boards for healthy food and natural living

    2 years ago
  • idealmike

    Hi yes we have a lot. And there's a list in the description above with the boards too.

    2 years ago

    Do you have any board for escort adult site?

    2 years ago
  • Akkannato

    What about Landscape Photography?

    1 year ago
  • idealmike

    We have lots of photography and art boards.

    1 year ago
  • Akkannato

    I would also like to buy 10 Boards Invite, how many time can i pin on those boards per day? Are followers of the boards real? Thx again

    1 year ago
  • idealmike

    Sure! Of course! Drop me a message if you have any more questions else I look forward to your order.

    1 year ago
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