• 10,000 Traffic Funnel + 50 Million Social Media Group Post Advertising Service
Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentleman for we have all your traffic and advertising needs met with our unique Traffic Funnel + 50 Million Group Post Advertising Service.

50+ Million Users will see your message and 10,000+ people will visit your site!

We use the biggest social networking site that has the most users. Now with our service you can tap into that and have your site/message shared to over 50,000,000 people and receive 10,000 real visitors funneled directly to your site all in one awesomely useful service.

This is a 2 fold service, both have their own benefits. First you get your site/message etc shared to some of the biggest Groups that collectively have over 50,000,000 fans/users. Secondly you get 10,000 minimum social media visitors sent to your site too.

What you get
100+ Big Group Posts to 50,000,000 People.
10,000+ Real Social Media Visitors Traffic.
Free report and tracking provided during and after complete.
Amazing top notch first class service you can rely on.

The Benefits to Posting to Groups
  • Over 50 million people will see your site/product/service/video etc instantly.
  • Over 50 million people will get notification about your product/service/web just by few messages.
  • Over 50+ million people will get an email notification. So, it's like email marketing.
  • Create over 100+ powerful backlinks that will last forever and IMPROVE your ranking positions.
  • Boosts your rankings in the Search Engines & Increases your Social Media Authority.
  • Creates and builds brand and product awareness to millions of people.
  • All posts manually created by hand, we don't use any bots or tools to do the posting!
  • Cheap and affordable price for REAL SMM advertising work.
  • Long time Level 3X SMO and SMM provider.
  • 100% natural and safe ranking effect.
  • Great SMO & SMM service.

The Benefits to our 10,000 Visitors
  • 100% real authentic traffic funneled to your site.
  • 100% Google Adsense and network safe.
  • Fully trackable in Analytics and other tracking tools.
  • Improves your sites metrics and Alexa rating etc.
  • Fully guaranteed or full money back guarantee.
  • Traffic can be sent all at once or over 7-30+ days.

Rules and Requirements

Please provide your site/URL and description to use when ordering.
You may use up to 2 URL's and have it split. Traffic to 1 posts to the other.

Sites we accept/things you can post/use
Websites in any industry or language
Sites, Blogs, Videos, Social Pages etc

Sites we don't accept
Anything not safe for work, (family friendly) illegal, adult, wares
For traffic no shortened links, redirects, framebreakers, exit page alerts


What Country Are The Groups Mostly in?
Most of the groups and pages that we post to are US based groups. About 70% US, 20% UK and rest Worldwide European countries.
How Much Traffic Will I Get?
A minimum of 10,000 visitors to hundreds more. We will send you 10,000 visitors but if your post that is shared to the groups is appealing it can go viral for a long time, get likes, comments etc and send traffic for years to come.
Do These Posts Show As Social Signals?
Yes they show up in Analytics as part of your Social Presence and as Shares/Likes and Comment social signals for any shares/likes & comments the posts get.
What is Allowed and Accepted and what is Not?
We will post anything Safe for Work. No adult/illegal stuff. You can post anything though, your website, blog, product, video, CPA, affiliate offers, Amazon stuff, your own page etc anything. Ask us first if unsure.
How Long Does it Take to Complete the Work?
The group posts are usually all done in a couple of days. Please give us 7 days to get back to you with a report. Average time from purchase to completion is 2-3 days. The traffic can be sent all at once or spread out over 7-30 days (default is 7 days).
How Many URLs or Keywords ETC Can I Use/Have Posted?
We don't have any strict rules. We accept 1 URL or can split it across 2 or 3 for you. Example; your homepage and your page. We'll link to both in the posts title and clickable image and in the description too.
How Long Does the Traffic Last For?
All added traffic campaigns will run for around 7 days but larger packages may run for longer. We can spread the traffic out slowly or have it sent all at once just mention!

If you have any more questions please feel free to message us.

Have YOUR site or message shared to some of the BIGGEST Groups and receive 10,000 real live visitors for only $14? It's a no brainer!

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User Ratings

  • floodlightseo
    floodlightseo 8 days ago

    Thanks Mike!

    • idealmike

      Much welcome thanks and to your success! A+++

  • bigleaguesearch
    bigleaguesearch 10 days ago

    Awesome, thanks Mike!

    • idealmike

      Thanks B you're always very welcome you know that! I love to help good people! So much so I'll send you a code for this and couple others too. To your success! A+++

  • natecc
    natecc 14 days ago

    Great experience as always. I'll be back for more.

    • idealmike

      Thanks! And great! The more you use the service, the better your response will be. That's just how social media marketing works! Cheers and to your success! A+++

  • bigleaguesearch
    bigleaguesearch 18 days ago

    Thanks my friend!

    • idealmike

      Thanks and welcome Zack anytime! Cheers! A++++

  • bigleaguesearch
    bigleaguesearch 29 days ago

    Thanks Mike! Looks great. Sorry for the delay.....stupid flu knocked me out for a few days.

    • idealmike

      Ah there you are! Ah no worries it happens! I'll call off the search and rescue party then! Thanks Z and to your success my friend cheers! Top client! A++++

  • radar2010
    radar2010 29 days ago

    5* great seller, good communicator and follows up promptly on questions

  • vigorseorchers
    vigorseorchers 1 month ago

    Sounds good. Just provide me with the files for all posts so I can track for this client.

  • tharros
    tharros 1 month ago

    Mike is a beast. Every time we create any content, we're ordering at least one of these. We're happy, client's happy. Job well down.

  • ktoomjk
    ktoomjk 1 month ago

    Excellent work - thanks.

  • pinkclerk
    pinkclerk 1 month ago


    • idealmike

      Thanks for your order! Good luck with it all and to your success! A+++

  • copywarrior
    copywarrior 2 months ago

    Great quality as always. Thanks mate.

  • elpasotexasseo
    elpasotexasseo 2 months ago

    Very happy with results as it was just what I was looking for. Will definitely be using Mikes service to run more test on my money sites. Thanks Mike! Cheers!!

  • tharros
    tharros 2 months ago

    Thanks Mike

    • idealmike

      Thanks and welcome and to your success! A++++

Buyers Comments

  • neuwave

    Hey I was wondering how long does it usually take to see some traffic? 7 days minimum on average?

    2 years ago
  • idealmike

    Hi no, straight away as soon as you order the traffic will start. Regards.

    2 years ago
  • SY2016

    Hi. which ad networks would accept this kind of traffic ?

    2 years ago
  • idealmike

    Hi, our traffic is directly from Facebook. So all of them. It's 100% ad network safe.


    2 years ago
  • PrimeGigs

    Hey, what niches are these groups mostly? Rough demographics if possible? Thank you!

    2 years ago
  • idealmike

    These are the BIGGEST Facebook groups made up of free to advertise type groups that allow you to post anything in a promotional way. Most of the groups users are U.S. users by the way. Hope this helps!

    2 years ago
  • guddu

    can you post google play app url?

    1 year ago
  • akinci2009

    Hi ! what can you offer for me as a teacher who is offering online German conversation classes for engineers and managers working in a German company. I do have a youtube video and a website-profile.
    how many groups related to my niche can you offer me?

    1 year ago
  • idealmike

    Hi. All the groups are in English. We can submit to up 200 unique YouTube video groups. But message posted would have to be in English. We can submit to Pages (Communities) in your niche as well though. Groups require us to join first and wait to be approved so we don't do that and only submit to the groups we are already members of. But Pages (Communities) we can just submit to regardless. So for this, we can submit to German conversation classes for engineers and managers.

    1 year ago
  • darell1986

    Please PM me with more details, thanks.

    5 months ago
  • heshamegy

    can you Increase video Twitter impressions ?

    5 months ago
  • idealmike

    Hi man video twitter or twitter video?
    But yeah why not? I have dedicated video promotion gigs.
    This one is more for promoting websites, affiliate stuff.
    But can be used to promote anything.
    Check out my other gigs.

    5 months ago
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