Do premium keyword research and competitor analysis for google top ranking for $10

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Do premium keyword research and competitor analysis for google top ranking

KWS is the backbone of a website. Keyword Research is the process of finding those words and phrases that people use in search engines in order to optimize content according to these
Kw's and rank for those terms in search engines to get targeted and premium quality traffic.

Up to 5 Focused Keywords and 150 best relevant Keywords + 1 Competitor Analysis

What I need :

Seed Keyword.

You Will Get:

  1. Low competition
  2. Search Volume
  3. Cost per click(USD)
  4. KWS Difficulties
  5. Long-Tail Kw's
  6. Profitable Keyword research to increase the sale
  7. Related Kw's , Newly Discovered Kw's and Questions
  8. Fully Detailed Report in Excel Sheet
  9. KWS competitiveness
  10. Delivery in Less Than24 Hours

Competitor analysis:

  1. Competitor Website analysis
  2. Title
  3. Meta description
  4. H₁
  5. Alt tag
  6. Social Share.

Tools use:

  1. Ubersuggest
  2. MOZ
  3. Google Keyword Planner


Q: What information do I need from you??
A: Targeted keywords, a targeted area I need from you.

Q: what kind of keywords you will provide??
A: Head keywords, long-tail, medium tail keywords with search volume etc.

Q: Do you provide competitor analysis??
A: Yeah! I'll provide your top competitor analysis.

Q: Do you accept any language.
A: No!only English language is accepted.

Q: Which tools you use for keyword research and competitor analysis?
A: I use ubersuggest, MOZ, google keyword planner, etc

Q: Why should you hire me?
A: Because I do my work manually. I believe in long-term relationships. So I provide the best service to my clients.

Please contact me before place an order.

Thank you.


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