Guaranteed Rankings or Full Refund- 6 Month Campaign for $65

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Guaranteed Rankings or Full Refund- 6 Month Campaign

Get guaranteed Rankings For Your Keywords Over 6 Months...You Don't Rank, Don't Worry...We Refund You in Full

One of the biggest problems with hiring out the SEO for your site, is whether you're going to actually get results. It's a real problem, because even the best SEO's in the world aren't able to get their site ranked every time...however, we have solution for you.

How does a FULL refund sound if you DON'T rank within 6 months? That's right...if you don't rank, you don't pay. And you get to keep ALL the work we have done for you.

This means we take all the risk for if you're ready, read on to find out what we do on the inside...

Here are some of the things we do for you in the background....

STEP 1: Building up metrics and trust to bring traffic to your website
a) In the early stages of your monthly SEO campaign it is your on-page SEO and content analysis that will start to build the quality needed for Google bots to give your website the thumbs up.

b) We'll find keywords in your niche that will rank quickly. This is a continuous process that begins to bring traffic to your website. The key is to build trust by exposing your website to at least some Google search traffic in order to increase your website's DA and PA.

STEP 2: Every detail you need to know about your target keyword(s)
We will analyze a series of keywords as follows:
  • Keywords you are currently ranking
  • Keywords that your competitors are targeting
  • Niche Keyword Research to find more keywords to target
  • Complete On-page SEO research and optimize on-page SEO
  • Competitor Analysis and Comparison

STEP 3: Break down yours and competitor back linking profiles and anchor text ratios

We clean up your back linking profile and decide on the future of your SEO campaign
  • We will add you to our back linking software to auto detect links
  • Your top 5 competitor back link profiles will also be tracked
  • After 48 hours we can review your entire back link profile
  • Compare competitor back linking profiles and determine links required for your website to rank higher for your target keywords

STEP 4: Flexibility to change between back linking campaigns
Each month your budget is distributed around a diverse range of back linking strategies.
  • Some of these strategies come from the ​Alpha self-service packages seen on the BarryinSiam service page
  • We also use other white hat techniques according to your website's responsiveness, so it is a matter of fine tuning and tweaking the your website's SEO hot points
  • High PR PA DA Trust Flow contextual link placements on high end PBNs
  • ​Link Exchanges with Social websites

STEP 5: Link maintenence
Once you start ranking for a keyword and we feel your position is safe we can then move to maintenance links
  • We can also start targeting other keywords once you are ranking on page 1 (post discussion)
  • In low and low.medium competition niches you can often get to page 1 and then switch your concentration to other keywords

You'll also get...

Rank Tracking
  • Monthly Keyword monitoring
  • Multi country reporting
  • Historic ranking data
  • Track up to 10 keywords (Add LSI keywords you are also interested in tracking even though they are not specifically targeted by this service)

Premium​ back linking service
  • Alpha Plus back linking packages
  • Add keywords to Web 2.0 niche specific networks

10 x High PR Manually Created Social Bookmarks
  • This is a one of service implemented at the start of the service

Premium Support
  • Priority support here on Seoclerks

Page 1 KILLER Keywords Dominate the Competition
  • Free rank tracking and back link identification
  • Competitor analysis and reaction
  • Keyword research for your website's niche market

One-Page SEO Reporting and Configuration
  • 2 pages optimized for on-page SEO
  • (We always start with your landing pages)
  • Advice on Optimizing your landing pages & inner pages for SEO friendly content
  • What links to configure/repair on your website
  • Social Media Tracking & Competitor Analysis

Free Stuff
  • Free Blog Content Strategy PDF including SEO on-page
  • Free Web Content Strategy PDF including SEO on-page
  • Free Introduction to On-Page SEO PDF

So, how about some results? Here are some results for you to check out;


Q: How often do I need to renew the service?

Renewal is automatic. If your subscription is active, then the service will renew without warning. Make sure you keep an eye on this so you know when the payments are coming out.

Q: What happens if I do not want to give access to my Webmasters account?

This is fine. You can always send us your back link profile in a Google Webmaster CSV.

Q: Why don't you provide all backlink URLs in your monthly reports?

Some URLs with your backlinks on them are not provided in monthly reports. Why?

This is because we use our own PBN links. We do not give away the URLs to these PBNs due to the risk of detection by Google. If we did give away the URLs to all our customers, then the more people that know about them, the more likely it is Google will discover these PBN networks and take them off their index.

You can imagine this not only affects us because we lose thousands of dollars invested in these networks - it would also affect our customers on these PBNs because they will lose vital link juice going to their keyword. These PBNs do not risk penalties, but they will decrease customer SERPS if the link suddenly holds no value; hence, it is safer to keep these links a secret and let the above BACKLINK PROFILE REPORTING PROCEDURE do its job proving increases in high PR links to your website.

Q: How useful is the premium support on this service?
This service is useful for getting in touch with us in order to obtain progress reports, added services, payment queries and order updates rather than using the support inbox.

Q. Can I use the premium support for other SEO questions or daily updates?

Unfortunately due to time constraints, the premium support service is strictly for support on services within this monthly package. We are regretfully unable to offer SEO training or provide a step by step daily progress reports.

Q: How do understand the processes you are using more in order to track progress?

With our service we offer free PDF guides that will give simple and straightforward ideas to help make your website work not just for SEO, but for actually using your content to sell your service and product to your website visitors. Premium support is not able to provide this style of service - but as we recognize people have so many questions, we will be starting the BarryinSiam blog spot over at the BarryinSiam website.

Q: How long will it take me to see results from this package?

This depends on how well rated your website's SEO is right now. With over 200 Google ranking factors to overcome, 99% of website need a little touch work to add to their SEO quality. It is the amount of touch up work needed that will affect your SEO ratings.

The first month is always slow so it is unrealistic to expect huge improvements at the beginning of the service. However, month 2 always brings results and month 3 the results will continue to rise as long as there are no problems along the way.

So... ready to get started?

Remember this is only available to the first 10 people and the doors will be closing until we have more space (not sure when that will be)

If serious about getting your site ranked, and would like to completely RISK FREE, then join us before the spots are filled.

Hit that order button below right now and let's get started!


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