Authority Niche Edits from REAL websites REAL Traffic REAL Rankings for $25

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Authority Niche Edits from REAL websites REAL Traffic REAL Rankings

The only outreach link partner you'll ever need. Period.

I don't need a fancy infographic to market this. You're going to be mind-blown by the sheer authenticity of the links, we secure for our clients. Forget PBN's, forget web 2.0's - this is the real deal and the holy arsenal of link building.

We both know you can't ever have enough link juice pointing to your website, it's the bread and butter of modern SEO

If your website doesn't end up moving up the SERPs then all the time spent on it will be wasted, or if you're
doing client SEO then your clients will start asking questions.

All of the on-page resources you put into it with amazing content will never get seen if you don't start getting
some organic visitors by sending amazing backlinks to your website.

But that's no more...


Well, we go and do outreach on your behalf to real webmasters who own real sites. We then work with them to secure
you a link in existing content. We then secure the link, which in turn will ping Google to get it re-indexed and re-cached. The results are phenomenal and speak for themselves!

All the authority, relevance and trust your website needs will be at your disposal.

You need 4 things in SEO to succeed: On-page, content, relevance, and POWER.

We'll give you the latter 2 in this equation with amazing relevant links as well as powerful and AGED posts pointing to your website.

You don't need a single amazing link, you need dozens or even hundreds of laser-targeted, aged, and unique links instead, and we happen to have spent years of work building relationships to get you these amazing links.

What are Curated or Niche edits/links?

Curated Links(also known as Niche Edits) refers to a link that has been added to a post or page that already exists, and has already been indexed or cached by Google. They are extremely powerful for SEO, and as whitehat, as they come.

They are different from Guest Posts - because, with a guest post, you get a link from a new post or page that hasn't built any authority or strength internally.

Curated Links (Niche Edits) offer much stronger link weight due to the fact that Google has already indexed and cached the content, and the post/page has already built authority internally.

The value of this is unmeasurable as you can imagine

We don't use any PBN's or sites that we own. Every single link you get will come from a REAL website, owned by a REAL person with GENUINE content written for a real audience.
Nothing comes close to the sheer SEO power and Authority of these backlinks.

If you look around or check other marketplaces you'll find sellers selling this for $40 on the very low end, and some for crazy amounts...

For a limited time, we're offering it at crazy low prices, you can't possibly miss it and miss the chance to harness the power of hundreds of links from real websites pointing to yours for 1/4th of the normal price.

For just $25 per link, here's what you're going to get:

  • 100%, natural and genuine whitehat outreach
  • A link placed on a 100% real website, owned by a real person, writing REAL content
  • A site with an RD 60-100+ (based on
  • A contextual DOFOLLOW link
  • A link on a page or post that is RELEVANT to your niche!

You probably have a lot of questions, so... here are the answers:

Why do you need real authority links?

• To rank higher in the search engines, Google specifically, you will need links pointing to your sites. And those links must have real authority in Google’s eyes. You won't get that with expired domains or web 2.0s, even if the content is amazing and their
the backlink profile is outstanding.

• Getting content backlinks from real sites that get natural traffic is the Major way to tell Google that your site carries proper authority and that it should push you UP

• It's not uncommon to see movement in the SERPs after 10-20 days with these links; compared to PBNs that you might
end up waiting months to see some movement from what you did. This is also why it makes more sense to get real links.

What are the metrics for the Sites?

  • Referring domains: From 60 all the way to 100+ (majestic fresh index)
  • They're amazing! That's what they are... If you don't see the value of a link in a real website with relevant content then... what are you doing?
  • For higher metrics or bulk orders message me!
Sample Sites:

How does this work? What do you actually get?

• You will get a powerful link within the content of an aged post/page from a real website. It is not a
homepage link, these aren't filthy pbns.

• After ordering you will receive a report with the links and a free re-index submission to speed up the ranking
crawl process.

• We will place the link in a niche-relevant post/content.

• If for some reason you want a replacement or your link expires, we will replace it for free.

• Content in these sites is natural, this means you can't submit your articles, look elsewhere for that.


  • Do we have to provide the article?:
  • No. The link is placed in the existing content
  • Can We Have More Than One Link Per Post?:
  • No. One Link Per Post.
  • What Languages Do You Accept?:
  • Any language is fine… but if it isn't in English you need to let us know what it means so we can find the right place for it.
  • What is the DA/PA/Spam Score?:
  • No clue. Moz metrics are worthless and are not taken into consideration and won't be analyzed. If you are looking for Moz Metrics use someone else's service.
  • What is the DR/UR?:
  • No clue. The only Majestic metric we use is RD no other metrics are taken into consideration and won't be analyzed. If you are looking for DR/UR Metrics use someone else's service.
  • What is the TF/CF?:
  • No clue. The only metric we promise is RD from Majestic.
  • When will I see results?:
  • No clue. While we are confident in our links and their power, this is not an SEO consulting service. It is up to you to know where you are in your SEO campaign, what anchors to choose if niche edit links are what you need, and so on. SEO depends on where you are in your SEO campaign, on the keyword difficulty, the competition, your previous SEO work done, a lot on how well is your website SEO optimized, and many other factors.
  • - Are the links are permanent?
  • Yes
  • - Foreign keywords and websites accepted?
  • Yes
  • - What’s the TAT?
  • 5 days.
  • - Refund policy if the link is removed available.
  • - We DO NOT accept Pharma/Gambling/Adult

Disclaimer (Kindly Read Before You Place Order)

1. We do not promise any sort of metrics when it comes to TF, Traffic, CF, DA, or any other metrics. This gig is purely for RD 60-100+ domains (domains that have at least 60-100+ links to them). While most will have strong metrics in other areas (like TF), we cannot guarantee these metrics will be above a certain level.

Please contact me in advance if you need any other metric - like TF/CF/DA as additional pricing may apply. The only metric we base this service on is Majestic Referring Domains.

2.You are ordering a post on an existing blog that has an amount of Referring Domains (RD) equal to the package you ordered. Your link will be placed in a post (i.e article or content) that is relevant to your niche.


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3 links from Niche relevant posts on Real Websites with a RD 60 - 100+ 5 days $75
5 links from Niche relevant posts on Real Websites with a RD 60 - 100+ 10 days $125
10 links from Niche relevant posts on Real Websites with a RD 60 - 100+ 15 days $250
15 links from Niche relevant posts on Real Websites with a RD 60 - 100+ 20 days $370
20 links from Niche relevant posts on Real Websites with a RD 60 - 100+ 25 days $490
30 links from Niche relevant posts on Real Websites with a RD 60 - 100+ 30 days $740
50 links from Niche relevant posts on Real Websites with a RD 60 - 100+ 35 days $1235

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