Over 12,000 more dollars & 80 more organic traffic Alpha PLUS SEO for $10

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Over 12,000 more dollars & 80 more organic traffic Alpha PLUS SEO

Over 12,000 more dollars & 80 more organic traffic Alpha PLUS SEO

Over 5000 orders placed- Welcome to the Alpha PLUS SEO service, REVAMPED for June
2020. Google Page 1 SEO & Social-. Version 8.2

My clients have invested over a million dollars on my SEO services here.


Because my SEO ranks better than any other service you'll find on this site. - my repeat clients will tell you the same thing.

Here's What Randy Said : "I made $12,000 more dollars that year and 80% more organic traffic from the last time I did work with you!"

FACT: Randy is just 1 of many thousands of customers I've worked with, but
I've also helped thousands of other people transform their business and
life by putting them on Google’s first page with this exact service.

Here’s what Brian said to me on Facebook after we worked together...

Yep, that's right. Brian found me here on Seoclerks and this service largely contributed to the eventual multi-million dollar sell-out of his online business. Whoa

Now I’m not saying you’ll make you 50 million dollars or that Brian’s story is even typical, but I Get Results.

In fact, here's some more recommendations people have left me here:

And if that's not enough to peak your interest, we’ll then I don't know what else to say to you and we should
just shake hands and part ways here...

Still here?...Okay great.

So that's me in the video below, and if you have a few minutes, click play and I'll explain a couple of things briefly.

Hey, Barry here and I'm writing this because I know your website can make more money than it currently is
right now... I say that with confidence, because this is what I do for
people every single day.

If you stick with me on this page I can help explode your website profits within the next 21 days. (note- It's not uncommon for some clients to 10x their revenue after working with me)

Here's Some Things You Might Be Struggling with Right Now

1. You’re looking for a reliable SEO but still haven't found your guy (maybe you’ve been let down in the past)

2. You need a SEO strategy that actually WORKS!

3. You need it to start working quickly!

"Whatever your reason for making more money online is, I'm the guy that can help you do that"

But Who Exactly am I and Why Should you Listen to Me?


1. I'm the number 1 hired SEO service provider on SEOclerks.

I have over 17,000 successful campaigns under my belt and I've transformed tons of people's businesses, all over the world.

*I consistently 10x client investments (or more) and I'd like to do that for you too if you let me.

I might even be able to make you 12,000 dollars profit with a single order like I did for Drew below!

Listen up - I don't really have to work for you. I'm just offering what I've learned, to help a fellow entrepreneur"

So, if you'll let me, I'd like to get you to page 1 of Google and give you my years of experience as a SEO. All my resources and connections, to so you're making more money- fast,

In fact, I'm so confident I can help you, that if I don't get you
results for some strange reason, the funds will be reversed from escrow
and you will have ALL of your investment back without a struggle.

and on top of that, I'll continue helping you anyway- Why? Because I know my SEO kicks behinds and I want to make you happy.

Here's What I'm Going to do For You

· I will help you double,triple or even 10x your investment- by getting you to page 1 of Google, fast.

· I will keep you making money –By maintaining your position on page 1 (because my links are permanent.

· I will help you discover more money making opportunities for your business- with deep keyword research and additional optimization tips for your website if you

· I will positively transform your online business (and maybe even your life)

· I will make your success online super easy (it only takes 3 minutes to place your order)

So this probably sounds good to you, but what if you don’t have the money or it seems too expensive? I get it, it's a fair question.

But think about it another way...

"If you aren't on page 1 of Google, you're missing out and leaving A LOT of money on the table"

and don't think I am locking you into anything either...

I have a ZERO minimum contract terms and you can choose to hire me just once! Nothing is forced, and you don’t sign a thing- you’re in complete control and all your links are permanent.

And…remember ordering takes just 3 minutes, here's what you need to do;

1. Click order now and choose your preferred payment processor (we even take

2. Paste in your URL and up to 10 keywords in the order form

3. Hit submit and sit back-I’ll handle the rest. That's it!


Yep, you can look the other “solutions” here on Seoclerks, and maybe
even bookmark this in the hope that you'll remember to come back later.
But I can tell you one thing...

At the time of talking to you right now, my clients here have spent precisely $1,222,799.46 USD dollars on my SEO services here alone (not including my blog and private hires) ...they
trust me..and they keep coming back month after month. Quite often every week.

In fact, I get so busy, that I have to turn people quite a lot - even
with my team, we can only serve a handful of people and still deliver a
quality service.

Now what about the cost?

I charge $297 for the same service on my personal blog. So why do I only charge these prices

One word;


Traffic sent to SEOclerks, doesn't cost me a thing. Traffic to my blog does.
That is why I charge over $100 less for the same service here- because
I'm saving on business costs and I can pass that saving on to you.

It's a win-win for everyone.

and what about those negative reviews?

Like any active business, problems do happen.

For me, they're rare and usually down to a few things like;

  • Accidentally attaching the wrong report
  • A competitor coming in to pull sh#t apart-in the hope of stealing business
  • people not being patient enough
  • A simple miscommunication usually down to language barriers

and something important to note is... I have no way of editing or manipulating reviews here.

Everything here is real. I can't fake positive reviews or go in the back
end to edit anything. I can't remove negative ones, and I can't force
people to leave positive reviews either.

All My Reviews are Real including the thousands of positives, and the pesky handful of negatives ones too. and remember, you're PROTECTED.

My service has 100% MONEY-BACK-IN-YOUR-UNHAPPY-HANDS-FAST guarantee. It's rare people use it, but it's there- for your peace of mind and mine too!

Further Details About Why You Should Order This

  • This is tried and tested SEO formula that is not used by any other vendor ANYWHERE!
  • Updated Alpha PLUS formula V7.6 for Jan 2020, includes updated features such as;
  • Brand New PBN links added to the back end -Every month more power is added to your completed campaigns
  • High metric link sources added every single day- Every order placed is different
  • Rankings that are working right NOW
  • The fastest and most knowledgeable support team on Seoclerks today! (Our team works on 3 time zones, so your questions are answered FAST and in FULL)

What's included

Title OptimizationMeta DescriptionH1, h2, h3 Tags


Rankings seo Alpha Linkbuilding edu Guaranteed


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All In One 500 Manual Backlinks Web2, PBN, Profile 4 days $15
All In One 100 Manual Backlinks Web2, PBN, Profile 6 days $20
High Quality 200 PBN Homepage Backlinks and 1000 Average 80 Plus DA PA 5 days $15
High Quality 400 PBN Homepage Backlinks and 1000 Average 100 Plus DA PA 7 days $20

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