Citation Power Ups using sheets for $10

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Citation Power Ups using sheets

Citation Power Ups

Using Google drive file sheets for backlinks is powerful and safe.

Building backlinks to your citations has a good SEO Value. They contain your Name,Address,and Phone (NAP) and
sometimes other important info about your online business and G oogle
understands this. Power ups will help your overall brand/entity.

Basic Plan $5
6 kw x 10 URLs
Will give you 60 links per sheet
6 KW named folders (folders help)
360 links total from Google.(36 links for each url total)


Standard Plan
$2 more
6 KW x 15 urls will give you 90 links per sheet
90 urls per sheet x 6 KW folders=540 total links (36 links for each URL)

Premium Plan
$4 more
6 KW x 20 urls will give you 120 links per sheet
120 links per sheet x 6 KW folders=720 total links (36 links for each URL)

230 embeds $5 -we take the sheet iframes and embed them into 230 niche related web2.0 to help juice
them up more and give you the iframes codes that you can use anywhere
that embeds are allowed.

Citations are very relevant to your local biz so why not?

I would suggest using:

What do I need?
You need to supply x amount of KWs and xx amount of URLs, depending on which package you buy. These can also be
your socials, your web 2.0s,whatever you want to add more juice to.

Questions???-What is KW+branding?
roofer BullyServices
roofing Contractor Bully Services

-Will my citation sites show up on page one of search?
Maybe maybe not thats not the point of this gig, but to help improve your business overall online presence.

Whats a citation?
Yellowpages, Yelp, Manta,ETC but can also include your main social accts
(youtube's about page would be good here,if filled out).

If these are safe why can I not use for my money site?
Your money site is Top Level Domain (TLD) and is a bit more fragile than
a citation site,social site or web 2.0s as they have thousands of links
pointed to them, your domain name does not and could not handle the
sudden amount of links being built to it. You dont want to go there with
your TLD.

Read this before buying
-I would suggest not to use your MS-website
-No sites about drugs,pills,gambling,adult,CBD,psychic,headshops,etc if your not sure ask before order.
-We are selling backlinks not rankings.


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Standard Plan 6 KW x 15 urls 1 days $2
Premium Plan 6 KW x 20 urls 1 days $3
230 embeds of sheets 1 days $5

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