Premium Backlinks Indexing Service - 300 URLs for $2

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Premium Backlinks Indexing Service - 300 URLs

I will submit your 300 URLs / Backlink of any type for indexing. Google has made many changes in last year. Without indexing service, only a low amount of Your links will be found by Googlebot which means that You are wasting Your time.

  • Please specify if you want all links crawled at once Or you want a drip period?
  • 100% Google Safe indexing Service.
  • Guaranteed Indexing to up to 70% - 80%
  • No Guarantee for Instant Indexing.
What exactly can You Index with Our Service?
  • All Pages of Your own Websites
  • Backlinks of Anykind - From Tier 1 to Tier X
  • Blog Network Links
  • Private Blog Network Links
  • Web 2.0s, Articles, Wikis, Social Bookmarks, Blog Comments, Forum Profiles...

Important Notice!


Many people do not understand what exactly these two words mean and what is the exact difference between them.

CRAWLING is every time the automated bots (spiders) of the Search Engines that gather data from the web visit a web page. This is the first major thing for every new page. If a web page is never visited by a spider it means it remains undiscovered and never will have a chance to be indexed. Our services provide You a 100% guaranteed crawl rate of all Your pages submitted to us!

INDEXING is including a web page in the Search Engines index and showing it up in search results. Indexing can only happen if a web page is firstly crawled by the Search Engine spiders. After the crawl, the Search Engine itself evaluates the page and if it considers it valuable, it indexes it. You probably understand only the Search Engine itself can control should it index the page or no.

No one can give You a guarantee that a page will be indexed, nor We do as well. Everyone giving You a 100% guarantee on the Indexing is simply lying You. Such a guarantee can only be given by the Search Engine itself and none else. However, during our continuous tests on thousands of web pages using our methodologies included in Indexification's service, We have been monitoring Indexing range from 70%~95% of all pages submitted to Us!

What are Your Guarantees exactly on the services You provide?

As explained already in "CRAWLING vs INDEXING" no one can give You a guarantee on Indexing. No one, period! We want You to clearly understand that!

We guarantee You 100% link crawling, meaning that if You submit to us for example 1000 pages We will make the Search Engine spiders visit and crawl all 1000 of Your pages! One of the advantages of providing You with link shortening is that We can track the visits and make do our best until We make the spiders crawl Your links to 100%.

From our continuous tests on thousands of web pages using our very same methodologies and tracking the indexing percentage, We have been monitoring Indexing to a rate of 70% to 95%. It all depends on the pages being submitted for having a better chance to be indexed or not. That's why and the Indexing rate varies by the whole 25%.

We strictly follow all guidelines provided by Google.


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