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LITE PACKAGE! - We bring you latest lite little link buiding package which will improve your ranking for starters ... We Do What We SAY!!!!


After years of operating different packages successfully with over 99% positive feedback we now present one of the latest google algo breaker to kick start your SEO and ranking, To know more about what we are offering do check the image below for better understanding.

FAQs (Must Read)

1- Will you work on my new site?
All site accepted excluding Porn, Gambling and adult oriented.

2- What method you use?
We use safe google webmaster guidelines only ( They keep updating )

3- How many keywords you accept?
Three main keywords. Keywords should be long tails containing two to three words minimum.

4- Should i provide you admin details for on site seo?
No, We are only building backlinks

5- Will your method work after any google update?
Our method is not effected by any update because google webmaster guideline remains same for every update only some changes are made in algorithm to detect spam.

6- I want to be rank on country specific google i.e .co.uk or .il ?
Rank increase on any google extention guaranteed

7- How long my site will stay GOOGLE new rankings ?
Depend on how much your competitors ae working on there seo.

8- I can resale your service ?
Yes, you can for more details contact us.

9- Will you work on my penalized site?
Yes, please contact before ordering.

10- Do you accept high competition keywords?
Yes, But we dont guarantee results improvement.

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User Ratings

  • AdRobinHood
    AdRobinHood 6 days ago

    I should really appreciate the work of Team Spotlight. Their is really a mind boggling one. As promised all their work should have been done manually, most probably no bots work should have been involved. After viewing the completed report one would definitely agree and do please anyone who order this package after completion of work, open and view all the links. You'll be amazed with each backlink of high quality. Impressive!

    Would like to make order for Guest Post (Buzzfeed.com)

  • houseinthesun
    houseinthesun 18 days ago

    Wow, mega bundle of backlinks. Hopefully this will give my site a good boost up the Google rankings.

  • girlies
    girlies 21 days ago

    Great seller , wanna order more .. waiting for results

  • yeakubislam
    yeakubislam 1 month ago

    I received the order delivered. And hoping will get the results soon. And I will continued with her if all goes well. Overall thanks to Maria she kept me updated and I will order her again for sure. And I am waiting to see the results.

  • s3ochampz
    s3ochampz 1 month ago

    Great work as always! Will order again.

  • wyvernorm
    wyvernorm 2 months ago

    excellent work, highly recommended, thank you.

  • Hugos
    Hugos 2 months ago

    Hi Maria,

    I scrolled through several links and all looks good! I did find one http://prsync.com/diets-for-healthy-life/ where it leads to another website?!?
    Please tell me what I can expect from it, since I'm no good at this seo stuff :-) And what is this Bonus you talk about?

    Kind regards, Hugo

    PS I recommend this service! :-) 

    • spotlightseo


      thats 2nd tier links, Which lead to your 1st tier then to main site

  • mbi644
    mbi644 2 months ago

    Alway delivery on time, very professional seller
    Highly recommend for all
    Thank you so much!

  • krit1kl
    krit1kl 2 months ago


    This look an excellent work! Nice links and accurate delivery time.

    Thank you very much!

  • bhalili
    bhalili 2 months ago

    TOP service!

  • foxrev
    foxrev 2 months ago


    In the report, I see only 1 edu. Can you explain me where to check the report?


  • s3ochampz
    s3ochampz 3 months ago

    The seller has always delivered great service. I will be ordering again, thanks.

Buyers Comments

  • ammad

    can you rank my this website: http://hackscheatsninja.com/

    9 months ago
  • ammad

    Kindly proper review my site, then i order you

    9 months ago
  • spotlightseo

    i cannot check onsite and advice changes before order

    you can order me then i will inform you about changes

    9 months ago
  • ammad

    OMG, where is Payoneer payment option?

    9 months ago
  • ammad

    plsz send me your 5iverr account link, here is payoneer payment option not showing.

    9 months ago
  • krit1kl

    Hey! I want to rank a high competitive keyword in Chile, on spanish language. Can you guarantee that I will rank well?

    3 months ago
  • spotlightseo

    It will rank guaranteed, but cannot guarantee page 1 for highly competitive keywords

    3 months ago
  • krit1kl

    what I can expect with "posicionamiento web" "posicionamiento seo" "posicionamiento en google" in google.cl? Also I want to resell your services if it works well with this rank...

    And thanks for your answer!!!

    3 months ago
  • krit1kl

    I see... and if I order two or three times the package again soon, the rank will increase right?

    3 months ago
  • spotlightseo

    Right it will, you order 1 now

    but when you want to order 2nd time do consult me first

    3 months ago
  • seokomplott

    Thanks for the good service - always quality and very good improvement from my URL.

    21 days ago
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