Effortless Google Domination with Expert PBNs for $79

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Effortless Google Domination with Expert PBNs

If you're ready for TOTAL Google domination, here's a proven method to getting your keywords ranked and bringing in floods of organic traffic to your business.

After a decade of SEO, there’s one method to ranking my client sites that rarely fails.

So today I’d like to tell you about my best kept secret to ranking keywords in any niche.

Powerful, high Authority PBN links

High quality Private Blog Network links, or PBN’s for short, is a collection of privately owned websites, with strong back~link profiles and super strong metrics.

When you build QUALITY links to your site from these websites, all that link juice flows to your site, helping you to rocket to the top of Google.

This isn’t just your average PBN Network
Our PBN domains are hand-picked and vetted for the highest quality and strongest metrics before getting added to our network.

Some of the highlights of this powerful network

  • Highest authority and quality PBN on SeoClerk
  • REAL contextual homepage PBN links
  • Links that move the needle
  • Natural and safe link-building velocity as we drip-feed links
  • New content article, optimized for ranking and niche relevancy
  • Privacy implemented across the network: Competitors won’t see your links
  • Freedom to choose to link to various URLs, and across multiple websites

But how many PBN links do you need? This depends on your current business life-cycle
Some things to look at would be:
  • Current keyword rankings
  • Previous SEO
  • Backlink profile
  • Anchor text profile
  • On-page optimization
  • And more

How to properly use PBNs
If your site is new, the standard service (10 PBNs) is the sweet spot. Once you start seeing the keywords climb, you can order again and build momentum.

Websites that already have rankings can safely do around 100 PBNs to each target page each month.

And for medium to high competition keywords on established websites, anywhere from 250-500 PBN links per month will create massive impact on your rankings and traffic.

For ambitious website owners, 500++ PBN links per month will catapult your rankings and explode your traffic.

What’s included

  1. 10 Homepage links (standard package- see extras for more links).
  2. DO FOLLOW and PERMANENT backlinks
  3. Safe and realistic link-velocity with drip-fed link indexing
  4. Niche relevant article for your (content purely for ranking)
  5. Link Privacy (Hide your links from competition)
  6. Multiple URLs accepted (You can submit completely different websites for each link if you want)
  7. Report for link verification (partial)
  8. Plus something extra that I’ll do for you today that’ll put your rankings on overdrive…(only revealed to customers)
Listen, these links are absolute MAGIC and have been the fuel behind my successful SEO agency.

Are these links safe?

Yes. I’ve been a client SEO for over 10 years and our PBN links have been a staple weapon in our arsenal.

When will you see the results?

Typically, you’ll experience an uptick in your rankings within the first 2 weeks, and further increases as Google indexes the links and comes back to crawl your website.

Network Details

  • Over 1000 High Authority domains in our network
  • Toxicity passed
  • Varied Class A and Class C IPs
  • Blocked 3rd party crawlers
  • DR 5-50+ (Ahrefs)
  • 50-300 referring domains (Ahrefs)
  • Spam Checked
  • Unique website designs and structure
  • Low outbound links
  • No footprints


How many PBN links will I receive?
The base service is 10 homepage PBN links. Extra links can be added be selecting the extras to this service.

Will I receive a report?

Yes, you will receive screenshots of your published links and content.

Are these niche-related or general posts?

Niche-related posts on a broad domain.

Are these posts permanent?

Yes. Links will remain on the homepage for at least a month and then move to the inner pages.

What about content?

Human created, Ai-detection cleared content of 500+ words articles.

Will I receive unique links if I order a lot?

Yes, we ensure all links are on unique domains and blogs.

Do you have samples?
No. We never reveal the network domains to anyone. This keeps our network and client links protected.

Do you accept commonly restricted niches, such as casino, adult, or cannabis?

Does it come with a report?
Yes. You will be provided with screenshots of your links, with a snippet of the text used. We do not provide URL reports for this service (for the protection of the network).

How to order
All we need are your keywords (to use for the anchor text) and URL(s). You can also ask questions if you need advice on choosing your keywords.

What now?
Ready to rise in the Google ranks? Click the 'Order Now' button now and let’s get started.


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