30 Days of Link Building Stamps Your Authority on Google for $147

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30 Days of Link Building Stamps Your Authority on Google

81% of purchases begin with an online search, according to Adweek.

This fact has three implications for your business:

  1. The higher you rank for relevant keywords, the more likely customers will work with you (instead of an invisible competitor ranking lower on search engines).

  2. Not ranking on Google’s 1st page means leaving A LOT of money on the table.

  3. New customers need help trusting and working with businesses ranking lower on search engines.

So, if your website ranking is less than impressive, don’t sweat it.

I’m here to get you backlinks that boost your site’s trust and authority, increase traffic, improve brand visibility, and help you make more money online.

What You’ll Get From Monthly Managed Link BuildingEverything you’d get on the Alpha Plus package (the most popular and longest-standing ranking service on SeoClerks) + the following for free:

  • Keyword research (that I otherwise charge $67 when ordered alone) so that your site starts ranking on top of Google for relevant search terms with commercial intent

  • Technical SEO audit to establish what’s lacking on your site and how to steer it forward (usually costs $29 when ordered separately)

  • URL, keyword, and content-specific audit (only open to my private clients)

  • A side-by-side content audit of all your competitors who rank on page 1 to find EXACTLY what you need to replicate and over-take them

  • Rank tracking for unlimited keywords to measure your SEO progress

  • Private access to monitor your ranking at any time of the day
Results I’ve Delivered Before

Hi, My Name is Barry Page

I help site owners make more money from their websites through free traffic from search engines and SEO.

And I want to help you, too.

I can help you build authority on Google using backlinking techniques I’ve learned and refined over the past 10+ years as a full SEO.

But why exactly should you listen to me?

  1. I’m the top hired SEO service provider on SEOClerks

  2. I have consistently 10X (or even more) client investments

  3. I have run over 17,000 SEO campaigns and transformed many businesses over the world

Now, I want to help you build trust and credibility online by implementing my proven link-building strategy that has pushed thousands of keywords to page 1 of Google.

In 30 Days, I’ll Ease Your Backlink-Building Struggle and Help You Discover More Money Making OpportunitiesYou might be having difficulty:

  • Earning high-quality links from authoritative websites because you’re in a competitive niche

  • Balancing quality and quantity

  • Disavowing toxic links by competitors to maintain a healthy backlink profile

  • Finding the right person to carry the burden of link building for you

Whatever your struggle, I’m the right person to help you with backlinks. I will help you like I did for Drew Below.

What People Say About My Monthly Manage Link Building“Great job! Thank you very much. It's nice working with you, giving me the right directions for my website. I'm glad I joined your Alpha PLUS package monthly program” – Vanwest.

“Thank you, Barry, for your great work. Your report is really helpful. I have sent some requests to him, and he approved them. Excellent! Definitely will use his service again for the next projects.” — Ariefsastro.

“He keeps delivering. I Have seen significant improvement in terms of traffic and earnings. Thanks, Barry,” — Gustavtk

Why Choose Managed SEO Over The One-time Alpha PLUS SEO Service
  • No minimum upfront contract

  • You get everything you’d get in the Alpha Plus SEO + more

  • You can cancel at ANY time (without any need to contact me) if you see no results

  • You can try different keywords from month to month (experimenting with all the keywords you need)

  • You’ll continuously build links, making it easier and easier for your site to rank for competitive keywords as your authority and trust increase

Here’s a Summary of How My Backlinking Formula Works

No question, every website has different requirements to rank, and it’s almost impossible to show you the entire process of how I’ll do it.

But what I can confidently say is if you place your order right now, I’ll get you the result.

100% Risk-Free: Cancel Any Time If I Don’t Get You ResultsI’ve packed a lot into Monthly Managed Link Building, and I want to ensure you get results and the service is really working for you.

So, if you don’t see traction from my link-building strategy, you can cancel at any time (without contacting me) and get a 100% refund.

It’s simple: Order the service right now and try my link-building approach on your website. If my tried and tested backlinking strategies don’t boost your site ranking, build your authority, and help you make more money, cancel it any time to get a refund.

Monthly Managed SEO is A Result of What I DiscoveredThis service results from over 17,000 tracked backlinking campaigns here on SEOClerks.

That’s why I call it a formula.

Monthly Managed SEO service is a precise mix of the right elements that get you links to build your site authority and sit on Google’s first page.

I test and track everything so I get better results every other day.

Here are a few of the many thousands of positive reviews.

If You Let Me, I’ll Put You on Google’s First Page and Give You My Years of SEO ExperienceI don’t really have to work with you.

But I want to offer you what I’ve learned and help a fellow entrepreneur.

I’ll use all my connections and resources to help you make more money fast and build authority online.

If, for some strange reason, I don’t get you results, I’ll reverse your funds in the escrow and have 100% of your investment back without a struggle.

Even after the refund, I’ll continue helping you until you see some results because my SEO works.

Here’s What I’ll Do For You
  • I’ll help you establish authority and get you on Google’s 1st page to double, triple, or even 10X your investment.

  • I’ll help you maintain your position on Google’s Page 1 (because my links are permanent) to keep you making money.

  • I’ll help you with keyword research and extra optimization tips to help you discover more money-making opportunities.

  • I’ll help transform your online business (and maybe even your life)

So, How Do You Proceed?Ordering only take 3 minutes.

  1. Hit the Order Now button and select your preferred payment method (we accept crypto, too)

  2. In the order form, paste your site URL and the keywords you’re targeting.

  3. Click the Submit button and sit back. I’ll handle the rest.

But You Should ACT Right NowI know it’s tempting to bookmark this in the hope of returning later or looking for other “SEOs” here on SEOClerks.

But one thing is for sure:

As I’m talking to you, my clients on SEOClerks have spent almost $2 million on my SEO services (not including my blog and private hires).

My clients keep coming back every month.

I get so busy that I have to say no to people quite a lot. Even with my team, I can only serve a handful of people to deliver quality.

What To Expect In Under 30 Days (Or You Get It Free If Late)Expect over 100+ links (Including PBNs and my secret sauce) and a well-laid and easy-to-understand process in an Excel report that includes:

  • IP

  • Anchor text used

  • LSI keywords used

  • Additional bonuses

  • Anchor percentage

  • Link to the page and post

  • Full support

  • Rank Tracking
So, how is your story going to end?

Hire Me
  • Get your backlinks, keywords, ranking, and SEO results managed by an expert who monitors the ever-evolving algorithms and SEO best practices.

  • See your traffic skyrocket while establishing authority online

  • Enjoy a smooth process with a personable team player
Click the green Order Now button to build a strong backlink profile, build your authority, and drive traffic to your site.


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