Square Banner Right Side On CinemaKeren21 300x300 for $192

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Square Banner Right Side On CinemaKeren21 300x300

  1. =
  2. Video banner px: 300x300
  3. Video banner file: mp4
  4. Video banner size: less than 2Mb
  5. Position: Right side on desktop / Below before footer on mobile
  6. Web statistic, Histat, can check by yourself, copy-paste this URL to your browser: =

  • For which website? =
  • Where the banner will be shown?
    Right side on desktop / Below before footer on mobile.
  • Will the banner show on mobile?
    Yes, the banner will show on mobile.
  • What pixel for the banner?
  • What size for the banner file?
    Less than 2Mb.
  • What file for the banner file?
    give us video .mp4 file
  • How many URL for banners?
    Give us 1 URL for your web target.
  • How long from payment until my banner is online?
    If have no problem occurs, will be fast around 1 day. But may take longer if payment is accepted on weekend. Consider giving 8 days time estimation for the longest.
  • How can I know the web performance?
    You can copy-paste this URL to your browser anytime: =
  • Is that web statistic is real?
    Yes, it's from HiStat, it's real and REAL-TIME. You can check anytime you like. We open the web performance for the public to see.
  • Is this price for 1 month?
    Yes, it is.
    Buy 3 Months Directly Discount 10%, become USD 518
  • Is the price negotiable?
    No, it isn't.
  • Do we guarantee you will have many customers buying your products?.
    No, of course not. We just help you to build brand awareness through our high number of visitors. Our visitor quality is better than other websites for this category. Because we target the visitor who can do online streaming with good gadgets, by only providing streaming with big HD file. Many other websites are providing low file quality and download, only use free wifi to download low file and close their website not streaming. Do you think if the visitor doesn't have money to buy fast internet and good gadget, they will have money to play gambling or your products?... So, our website does selections to only target high-quality visitors.


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