Ghostwriting, recording, mixing and mastering AMAZING lyrics for $25

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Ghostwriting, recording, mixing and mastering AMAZING lyrics!

Hello SEOClerks,

I will create a rap-song about literally ANYTHING for ANY occasion. On top of that - I will record it in my studio with high quality sound. I will mix and master it as well!

I can write about:
1. Love, relationships and break-ups
2. Struggle, pain and emotions
3. Aggressive, hateful and anger
4. Happiness and bragging
5. Intimate topics and pleasure

I always provide quality lyrics with:

  • Amazing rhyme-schemes
  • Delivery, flow and attitude
  • Patterns, metaphors and punchlines
  • Meaning behind it

What genres do I write?
  • Boom-bap (Old-School HipHop)
  • Trap music
  • New-era Hip-Hop
  • Pop music

I can write in English, Swedish and Persian. It is your call! I promise to deliver within three days.

Thank you for your time!

Satisfaction is guaranteed.


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