Get Your Youtube Video infront of a Niche Related Community of 250,000 + Real People.
No Bots here Buddy!

So, you’ve got a video that you’d like people to watch (obviously), but there’s the problem-a big one; 95% of services out there use bots to view your videos- this is clearly pointless and a total waste of money, but also risky too! Youtube ban bot-watched videos all day long. Don't let that happen to you.

I know how frustrating this is, because I used to hire people for my own video promotions and it was mostly crap bot traffic which spiked my view count and nothing more.

Well fear no more, I have you covered!

I can get your video in front of a community of 250,000+ people this week, AND, wait for it... in your exact niche!

This means that if your video is worthy, you’re gonna rackup serious numbers of views, shares and it might even go viral! Pretty cool right?

So what now?

Well, all you need to do, is place your order today and provide me with your Youtube URL - I will take care of the rest from there. Simples!

Now onto the most common FAQ’s

  • Where will the views come from?[/*]

The communities are mostly in English speaking nations, so you can expect 95% of the traffic to come from places like the USA and the UK.

  • Will this get my Youtube video banned?[/*]

Absolutely not! The communities are real people and we do not use any bot traffic whatsoever.

  • How long does it take to deliver the service?[/*]

We aim to get the service circulated within a maximum of 7days

  • Can you guarantee the view count?[/*]

No. As mentioned, these are REAL people in REAL communities. If your video sucks, well I can’t help you with that. Great videos will get a ton of comments, shares and likes…crap ones not so much I'm afraid (-:

Place your order right now and let's get you started.


BarryinSiam. Seoclerks #1 SEO Service Provider

Final note:

This is a currently at launch price (as I do with all new services). Once we reach 10 orders, the price will increase by another $10. Thanks again!

User Ratings

  • tawanghar
    tawanghar 4 months ago

    very unhappy with this service, we gained absolute nothing by buying this, reaches to seller and did not do anything about it, this does not work stay away!

    • BarryinSiam

      Sorry for your poor experience but your view count, shares and likes all increased after this service. As explained, these are human views- shared in social communities. I cannot control who/how many likes/shares you receive. Thank you

Buyers Comments

  • youngaunt

    Is it a backlinks service for youtube video? I don't understand

    5 months ago
  • BarryinSiam

    No. Basically your video is shared in communities that is likely to view, share and like your vids. Proper people and no bots.

    5 months ago
  • Customer101

    Do you offer full report of where it is being shared?

    3 months ago
  • BarryinSiam

    No. There isn't a way to create a report unfortunately. Your views and shares etc will reflect this.

    3 months ago
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