• 3 Months Of REAL YouTube Comments & Likes
Get 100% REAL YT account comments and likes for your videos for 3 months!

My listing for YouTube services is a bit different from every other seller for a couple different reasons...

One, the comments and likes are from real people with real, legit user accounts on Youtube. I never use bots, proxies or any kind of software. How do I do this? I post your video link in my 40000 member GPT site where members earn points for doing things, such as watching YT videos and commenting on them. This means every comment is real and nothing is faked and no fake accounts are ever created or used...EVER!!

So, even if Youtube checks your views to see if they are legit, then everything looks fine to them showing legit ip addresses all over the world. I've done this with my own videos and have NEVER had a video removed. Everything looks real because it IS real, so no worries.

You may even get some subscribers if some members like your videos, but it's not a guarantee as I have no control over what my members like or not.

The 2nd thing that is different about my listing is that I post your video for 3 months, instead of offering a specific amount of comments/likes, as everyone else is doing. This makes it look more natural over time, instead of raising red flags that show when your video suddenly gets 10 comments in 24 hours. Makes sense, right? Be safe!!

Since my listing is simply to post your Youtube video url for my members to see, and then they do what they want, I have no control over how many you get during the 90 days. It may only be 5-10 or it could be more or less. The average is 8-10. However, even if it's only 6 over 3 months, that will look even more natural than a lot in a short period of time. We all know how strict YT has become, so the more natural and normal the flow, the better.

Your video link will be posted to my site within the 5 day deadline and then remain there for 3 months and you will be given a guest login to my site so you can see that it is still there during the 3 month period.

As a free bonus your video will also get natural views from my curious members who will check it out, even from the ones who don't comment!

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User Ratings

  • bodibag
    bodibag 12 days ago

    and that will be there for 3 month... you only have 1400 point how many 700 will that takes... I pray it works my gee.... I'm positive

    • Asmodeus

      I own the site, so your link will stay up the full 3 months, as no one can take it down. You are safe from any problems

  • Nerdintraining
    Nerdintraining 12 days ago

    Wow! Great seller. Organic real veiws. Cheaper than buying from google!!

    DJDIVINITY 20 days ago

    Thank you so much brother

  • socialghetto
    socialghetto 2 months ago

    Ok Thank you I saw it.
    I thought you meant video embedding and it's a link.

    Thank you.

  • nordreftoken
    nordreftoken 5 months ago

    Great service, exactly as described! Good seller.

  • venus66
    venus66 8 months ago

    This one is Santana - Black Magic Woman.

  • maya2016
    maya2016 2 years ago

    Hi Dan. Thanks for the update. I have some problems logging in.
    I tried to write in the account information as you gave me:

    Username: Tester
    Password: 123456

    How to fix this?


  • cpratt12
    cpratt12 2 years ago

    good service, checked and verified its legit! Don't have any comments but its still early on!

  • shsuhail
    shsuhail 2 years ago

    Very helpful - thanks

  • artofwar
    artofwar 2 years ago

    You said 3 months. Why do you keep changing the order by your new rules on every response.

    • Asmodeus

      Oh, yes, sorry, it was supposed to say 3 months, but I confused it with a similar service in my response to you. It will be up for 3 full months with the service you purchased. Thanks!

  • dragonballZdeep
    dragonballZdeep 2 years ago

    Delivered quickly. Will definitely be ordering again

Buyers Comments

  • junejuno75


    Are the real users with canadian IP ?
    Could the comments be customized by me and in french
    best regards

    2 years ago
  • Asmodeus

    No, as my listing states they are from "legit ip addresses all over the world." and they write their own comments. I cannot tell them what to write, sorry

    2 years ago
  • Bawsaq

    Is the average 8-10 per day or 8-10 for the whole 3 months?

    1 year ago
  • Asmodeus

    8-10 for 3 months, as they are real and natural. If you were to get 8-10 every day without your video being viral then it would obviously be fake and be against the terms of YT.

    1 year ago
  • IAmHeru

    How many comments you leave daily for 1 month?
    how many likes you leave daily for 1 month?
    Lets say i want 4 - 5 months how much ?

    can i get your private email so we can do business privately?

    11 months ago
  • Asmodeus

    Please read my description to see that there is nothing daily about this service, and it is again SC rules to contact outside the site.

    11 months ago
  • IAmHeru

    nothing daily, so how does this work? cause you said monthly so I'm guessing there is comments ocmming in daily.

    11 months ago
  • Asmodeus

    I post the video link and my site members check it out. I have no idea what days will have comments during the 3 months your link is posted.

    11 months ago
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