• create your Prestashop store
I will install and customize your web store.
*Install Prestashop engine
*Install Prestashop in language of your choice
*Install Prestashop theme (etc. from Themeforest.net)
*Install a selection of plugins of your choice
*Customize your store as you like (Please contact me firstly)

I will do this task-list just in 1 DAY

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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  • topbusiness

    Are you an expert in Prestashop?

    Prestashop 1.5+ looks very impressive otherwise I wouldn't have considered it. Magento on the other hand may be very slow on shared hosting. For the ecommerce site, I am leaning towards Prestashop. Their animated cart feature looks super. I have installed Prestashop 1.5.2 with Bluehost on shared hosting. Their default site looks great and everything is working and I have looked at the admin panel and read the guides. It looks so similar to WP but I have no experience in setting it up yet. I don't see any HTML file and I am trying to avoid messing with tpl files with PHP.

    I want changes in design, hooks moved around and setup advice.

    I have great experience with WP, HTML and CSS but not in Prestashop or PHP. This website is for a tools retailer with lots of items - 6000+ and lots of categories and brands.

    Can you answer following concerns please.
    Is new prestashop (1.5.2) stable and can compete with Magento for stability?
    Can Prestashop handle large number of products (6000+) and large number of categories (15-20) or should I choose another cart.
    Is Prestashop stable now? The older versions had lots of bugs and if we clicked on back and forward browser buttons we used to get error messages.
    Will you setup all the hooks and modules as there are lots of settings. It looks similar to WP but with more options and different names (modules vs plugins and hooks vs widgets). I can get used to it very quickly but help with payment systems, Inventory Control, localization and SSL setup, etc. will be great. At least you are dealing with someone experienced in CMS who can follow your advice.
    I am more concerned about the looks. I want to keep it simple so the page/website load time is less with minimal javascript and hooks. Due to large inventory other things have to be minimalist still able to attract, display and sell. If I show you examples of 2-3 websites and specify which hook goes where can you make that design? I am aware of standard sections/hooks of a prestashop website. Just need to move things around.

    My main concern is speed and stability- that the prestashop website can work and doesn't hang up on shared hosting with Gator or bluehost and the website doesn't lose orders or give error warnings -the PHP warnings are crazy and don't make much sense.

    Ideally, I want someone or you to design the look to specification & sample websites and set it up. I just want to use it without any problems and concentrate on admin, SEO, inventory and sales side of it.

    If you have experience please tell me about it. I want someone with experience and not to experiment on me.

    Do you have another favourite cart which is stable and suitable for large inventories.

    Advice and quote please for stable design and setup.

    Thanks and regards//

    5 years ago
  • seoworker02

    -prestashop (1.5.2) stable ,but now there is PrestaShop™ stable version
    -yes prestashop support large number of product
    -yes stable
    -yes i can setup modules hooks...
    -if the module support that hook so i can move it(because not all modules support all hooks) example cant hook payment logo module to header or search bock to footer
    -yes i can optimise it
    -see reviews on seoclerks and you will know my expertise
    - i like prestashop and i work with it so it recommended
    -quote is related to what exactly you want change on design and hooks (between 100 and 200)


    5 years ago