install code for AdSense or Amazon ads on Wordpress website for $12

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install code for AdSense or Amazon ads on Wordpress website

I will install code for AdSense or Amazon Associates contextual ads at optimal positions. Start making money today!

Please note that you need to have at least one website approved by Google in order to install Adsense and you will have to provide your AdSense publisher ID when placing the order. Please also note that for new AdSense account ads will not be shown immediately, you will see blank space until your account will be fully approved by Google (it may take few days). Even if you are already using AdSense for Youtube or Blogger you still need to get approval for AdSense for your website. Otherwise you will see blank space instead of ads.

If you don't already have Tracking ID, simply register for Associates and you'll get one. I'll create contextual ads that will display products matched to the content of your pages.

What you need
When ordering this gig you will have to provide:

  • Admin access to your Wordpress website (web address, username, password)
  • AdSense publisher ID or
  • Amazon tracking ID

Please note that if you are using ads can not be installed!


Adsense Amazon Wordpress Contextual Ads


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