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i am looking for someone who can modify the present code or something beyon...

  • Xcode
    Xcode Level 1
  • Php Javascri Java

    Hi everyone, I m looking for someone who can clone this site http:

  • bloggoogle
    bloggoogle Level 1
  • Html Php

    I need somebody with good blogger html skills to customize the blogger them...

  • FSC24
    FSC24 Level 1
  • Blogger Html Html5

    I want to hire somebody to create a Blogger template for me, but based on t...

  • itsmeerei
    itsmeerei Level 1
  • Css Xml Html

    I m building my real estate website. I need to synchronize my database with...

  • geniedunet
    geniedunet Level 1
  • Php Xml

    I want a program in php or in perl to dump all products and categories of t...

  • geniedunet
    geniedunet Level 1
  • Php Xml

    I have an rss feed but my links in the rss feed do not match my SEF links I...

  • shtf
    shtf Level 1
  • Rss Xml Php

    One Page, Multi Page Responsive Website template Using Bootstrap 3 with HTM...

  • bigweb
    bigweb Level 1
  • Bootstra Html5 Css3


  • misterblack88
    misterblack88 Level 1
  • Xml Feed Edi

    i want a proffessional squeeze page in arabic language in blogger i want it...

  • zozomohamed
    zozomohamed Level 1
  • Html Blog Xml

    Basically, I need an xml data feed built between my wholesaler supplier s d...

  • misterblack88
    misterblack88 Level 1
  • Developm Xml Xmlfeed

    I need a designer to turn a 2 column blogspot template into 3 column, and r...

  • Athena
    Athena Level 1
  • Blogspot Template Css

    Hello. I have a website & blog where MP3 and description are listed for...

  • FrankTheTank222
    FrankTheTank222 Level 1
  • xml script

    I don t have time for this job and just need someone to simple convert a wo...

  • mate
    mate Level 1
  • Magento PHP CSS

    Someone who remove author link and place facebook like button

  • aimal
    aimal Level 1
  • xml blogger html

    I want someone who can customise a .xml file 1 - Remove author profile Adna...

  • aimal
    aimal Level 1
  • html blog xml