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    Hello Everyone,Now YouTube update are finish.Now views are available. So please Everybody,Order me more and more. Thanks,,,,,, Views Are Working Again.......

    7 months ago

  • Jamesvkaufman
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    This was not delivered.. See Subs. World News Report Today You Tube. From 78 to 98 in the week, slower than I was growing without him. Ridiculous. I never got 1000 Subs. Still do not have 100 and am giving away a $51 dollar knife at 100 on top of all of that. Same as they were plus my 50 of 100 SEO of 20 and falling all month. I do not need, I demand my money back. This is intrastate fraud. Class A Felony and probably a Federal Offense. I hope you understand who we call next. You best follow our laws. NOW, I can call out the owners in New Jersey..Ug.. What a sham of a state... Thanks, James Kaufman

    12 days ago

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