I will transcribe up to 20 minutes of Spanish audio in 24 hours for $5

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I will transcribe up to 20 minutes of Spanish audio in 24 hours

The Spanish language today ranks as the number two language in the world in terms of how many people speak it as their first language. It follows Chinese, and precedes English. That's why more and more companies require transcripts in Spanish today.

Are you looking for a professional service to transcribe your recordings in audio or video format? Do you need to convert it to text? Then you've come to the right place. Transcribing an audio file can be a monotonous and boring task. It also requires patience, time and a lot of seriousness.

So, transcribing a one-hour recording can take between four and six hours of transcription work. This is always taking into account the skills of the person transcribing. Such as good hearing, good handling of text editors, and good typing speed. I offer you the most complete transcription service.

I am qualified to transcribe all kinds of recordings. From a brief monologue to the transcription of interviews, meetings, assemblies, congresses, conferences, trials, theses, radio or television programs, etc.

I offer several types of transcriptions. I can transcribe your recordings naturally. Suppressing stutter, interjections, noises, etc. On the contrary, you can also transcribe your audio literally. Thus, we will include each and every one of the interlocutions that occur in your recording. In such a way that they can serve you as judicial evidence. All transcription work is subject to strict quality controls before final delivery.

I am aware that you want your recordings to be in the hands of a trusted source. I am very strict with the confidentiality of the recordings and transcriptions made. All transcripts are confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What format do you accept?
mp3, mp4, amr, m4a, wav and any other format

What are the advantages of hiring your service?

  • I have extensive experience in industries such as: business, legal, traditional and online education, academics, interviews, focus groups and many others.
  • Guaranteed 99% accuracy in Spanish transcripts for audios or videos.
  • Committed to delivery times, deliveries from 24 hours.
  • I transcribe any audio or video format.
What audio or video can you transcribe?
  • Audiences.
  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Assemblies
  • Meetings
  • Trials
  • Deposits
  • Conferences
  • Class
  • And much more...

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I will transcribe up to 40 minutes 2 days $10
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