10,000 Like or Follower

10,000 Like or Follower

Need 10,000 Like or Follower for any of the social networks mentioned below:

- Facebook,
- Twiter,
- Google Plus,
- YouTube,
- Flickr,
- Tumblr,
- Dailymotion

Please, inform me for which service you want to help me.
After your confirmation, I will provide URL.

Remember, Likers or Followers must be non-drop and active. If possible, then from English speaking people only.

Will Trade

Are you looking for minor help for your WordPress website?
I can help you with minor issues.

Notes to remember:

  • This 'trade' is for any one (1) issue from mentioned 20 offers listed below.
  • If you have more issues, you should take this WTT again after completing a issue successfully

Here are the minor WordPress issues that I can help you with:
1 - Add Social Share tools to share content to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit
2 - Add your own social profiles' links with logos in your website
3 - add Disqus comment system
4 - add Facebook comment system
5 - Pinterest "Pin It" button for every image
6 - Simple Google Map to show your office location (no customization)
7 - Facebook feed in the website
8 - Facebook "Like" button, Twitter "Follow" button, Pinterest "Follow" button, Google+ "Follow" button
9 - Favicon creation or replacement (provide the image)
10 - Show your Pinterest profile or one Pinterest board
11 - Show Instagram photos in your website
12 - Show popular posts by visitor rating (1 to 5 star)
13 - Show one YouTube playlist or one video
14 - Google Translate in website
15 - A simple contact form with name, email, and message body
16 - Online visitors count & show in sidebar
17 - Allow visitors to increase font size
18 - Show page number instead of "old entries" and "new entries"
19 - Author post rating
20 - WordPress installation with default theme

  • If your site is built on WordPress, then contact with me only.
  • I will provide this service for one (1) issue in one (1) site.
  • No CSS customization is included, and the language supported is only English.

Transfer Requirements:
1. cPanel URL, ID, and Password
2. WordPress Dashboard URL, ID, and Password

I am not interested in providing services for websites that have adult or unlawful content or those that contain any form of hate speech.


Skills Required

Youtube Socialnetworks Socialmedia Youtubeservice Twitter


i will give you like for facebook, twitter, youtube, google+

i will give you 1000 google ;1000 twitter followers only $9

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facebook, twitter, youtube, google+
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i can give you facebook,youtube,twitter & google like/follower

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1.facebook group post 20 group post 1$
2.facebook like 1000 5$
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5000 followers google plus for 75 $
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hi, i will provide high quality real and permanent instagram photo video likes. instant start and quick delivery. contact me. thanks

hi, i will provide high quality real and permanent instagram followers. instant start and quick delivery. contact me. thanks

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