Do Instagram Marketing Management And Grow Your Social Media Promotion Manually for $5

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Do Instagram Marketing Management And Grow Your Social Media Promotion Manually

★ Key To Successfully Grow Your Instagram Account! ★

Proven guaranteed way to increase your ORGANIC F0LL0WERS manually with REAL ACTIVE engagement for 5 days for $5

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  • 100% manual targeted real F0LL0WERS and engagement daily
  • Create a unique brand specific strategy
  • Increase your web traffic, potential customers and brand awareness
  • Assign a dedicated social media manager to your account
  • NO bot accounts, engagement or follow for foll0w app/bots

  • Follow users/customers daily (niche, brand, hashtags and countries targeted)
  • Like targeted posts daily to get more engagement
  • Unfollow accounts respectively (don't unfoll0w accounts you followed)
  • DO NOT engage with bulk; spammy; fake; inactive; random profiles, un-posted accounts within 3 weeks or even accounts with don't have a profile photo or description - focus only on quality engagement

  • Team of Instagram marketing experts
  • 24/7 customer support
  • FREE Instagram marketing consultancy
  • We have been at this for a long time
  • We over deliver for an affordable price


Q: Why do I have to choose Emily Susan as my Instagram social media manager?
A: We are a highly experienced team that have been working for over 6 years with variety of quality Social Media and SEO services. In this service our aim is to build your reputation on Instagram as a thought leader in your industry, with following of interesting and engaging, active audience.

Q: Is this service safe to my account or will my account get banned?
A: You are 100% safe with this service. We do NOT use any third party app or software to perform this service. And also we DO NOT add any bot generated accounts, engagements through this service. 100% REAL and ORGANIC!

Q: What you need to get started?
A: We need your Instagram account login details, campaign target information and your competitor accounts to target.

Q: How many F0LL0WERS will I get?
A: That varies from account to account. To get most out of this service your account must be in a good condition with decent amount of old posts and foll0wers. Because this is a 100% manual service and no one likes to follow spammy, fake looking, inactive profiles. YES! We will optimize it for FREE!

Q: How this service works?
A: We will engage with your target audience daily, manually through liking and commenting on target specific posts and following targeted people ONLY specific to your brand, interest, hashtags and countries. NO any random user engagement. And we reverse the process to clear your followings by us

Q: Do you create a unique brand specific strategy?
A: YES! Of course! As each person's or company's vision is different, we will work closely with you to tailor your campaign to suit your individual needs. Even to your private account.

Q: Do you post on our account?
A: We do not post on your account on this service. If you want us to post on your account please contact us for that! We can arrange a custom campaign for you!

Q: Can I get any commission or discount when I keep ordering or when I'm referring others to your service?
A: YES! We will offer you a 15% commission when you refer your friends, family members or anyone to our service and even you can get discounts or FREE services if you are a loyal repeating client or when you refer considerable amount of customers to us!

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Do total 15 days Niche targeted management + Engagement reports/stats 10 days $10
Do total 30 days super targeted management + DM for new F0LL0WERS + Reports 25 days $25

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