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Juicing is a great way to get the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day! If done correctly, you end up with a delicious
tasting juice that even children will enjoy.

I will send you an eBook containing 111 Juicing and Smoothie Recipes in PDF format. These recipes are copyright free.

There is a brief description of the various types of juicing equipment as well.

Includes pictures of each recipe.

Upon request, I will send in Word format. Please let me know if you prefer Word format at the time of the order.

Table of Contents

  1. Table of Contents

  2. What is juicing?
  3. Equipment

  4. Cleansing Juices
  5. The Honeydew Cucumber
  6. The Beetroot Combo
  7. The Kale & Beet Cleanser
  8. The Refreshing Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie
  9. The Watermelon Quencher
  10. The Cucumber Refresher
  11. The Apple Pucker
  12. The Dandelion Detox Smoothie
  13. The Blueberry Detox Smoothie
  14. Peaches and Cream Smoothie
  15. The Dark Pumpkin
  16. The Chocolate Shake Smoothie
  17. The Cucumber Honeydew Cleanser

  18. Morning Boost Juices
  19. The Sweet Melon Kale
  20. The CinnaBeet
  21. The Beetroot Sun
  22. The Raspberry Mint Invigirator Smoothie
  23. The Chocolate Wake Up Call Smoothie
  24. The Hawaiian Smoothie
  25. The Strawberry Mango Sunrise Smoothie
  26. The Green Tea Smoothie
  27. The Super Green
  28. The Green Good Morning Smoothie
  29. The Breakfast Fusion Smoothie

  30. Satisfying Juices & Smoothies
  31. The Revitalizing Kale Apple
  32. The Purifying Dandelion Pineapple
  33. The Pumpkin Shake Smoothie
  34. The Green Vanilla Shake Smoothie
  35. The Sexy Banana Smoothie
  36. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Delight Smoothie
  37. Peaches n’ Green Smoothie
  38. The Tart Romaine
  39. The Blueberry Shake Smoothie
  40. The Minty Green Banana Smoothie
  41. The Green Clean Smoothie
  42. The Green Beast Smoothie
  43. The Kale Beauty Potion
  44. The Blue Almond Smoothie
  45. The Dandelion Shake Smoothie
  46. The Summer Splash
  47. The Apple Smoothie
  48. The Green Melon & Spinach Smoothie

  49. Energy-Boosting Juices
  50. The Clean Green Smoothie
  51. The Green Mango Zing Smoothie
  52. The Whatchamacallit Smoothie
  53. The Mango-Kale Kicker
  54. The Carrot Dandelion Detox
  55. The Spicy Ginger Pineapple
  56. The Green Pineapple Punch Smoothie
  57. The Cinnamon-Almond Smoothie
  58. The Acai Super Smoothie
  59. The Chocolate Boost Smoothie
  60. The Superb Hemp Smoothie
  61. The Green Mango Smoothie
  62. The Revitalizing Peanut Butter Smoothie

  63. Low-Cal Juices
  64. The Green Cucumber
  65. The Spinach Pineapple Smoothie
  66. The Minty Cantaloupe Refresher Smoothie
  67. The Ginger-Vanilla Zen Smoothie
  68. Juice of a Salad
  69. The Peachy Green Smoothie
  70. The Green Apple Cleanser
  71. The Pumpkin Pineapple Smoothie
  72. The Soothing Grapefruit
  73. Carrot and Ginger on the Green
  74. The Peachy Kale

  75. Clear Skin Juices & Smoothies
  76. Carrot Cake Juice
  77. The Glowing Kale
  78. The Minty Cucumber Coconut Purifier
  79. The Peachy Ginger
  80. The Sweet Peach Booster Smoothie
  81. Pumpkin on the Green Smoothie
  82. The Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
  83. The Super Skin Cleanser Smoothie
  84. The Blueberry Bliss Smoothie
  85. The Hydrating Cucumber Pear Smoothie
  86. The Raspberry Beauty Potion Smoothie
  87. The Cucumber Cleansing Smoothie
  88. The Avocado Mango Smoothie

  89. Brain-booster Juices & Smoothies
  90. The Romaine Coconut Smoothie
  91. The Green Coconut Smoothie
  92. The Green Diva Smoothie
  93. The Happy Chia Smoothie
  94. The Chocolate Chia Smoothie
  95. The Green Avocado Peach Smoothie
  96. The Green Almond Butter Pumpkin Smoothie
  97. The Creamy Green Shake Smoothie
  98. The Green Tea Cleansing Smoothie

  99. Calming Juices & Smoothies
  100. The Lavender Honeydew
  101. The Lavender Cucumber Refresher Smoothie
  102. The Basil Honeydew
  103. The Calming Melon Smoothie
  104. The Trifecta: Mint, Melon, Mango Smoothie
  105. The Chocolate Avocado Diva Smoothie
  106. The Calming Vanilla Pear Smoothie
  107. The Green Blueberry Smoothie
  108. The Honeydew Mint Smoothie
  109. The Calm Green Pineapple
  110. ]The Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake Smoothie
  111. The Green Pineapple & Cinnamon Smoothie
  112. The Ginger Carrot
  113. The Tart Pear Lemonade
  114. The Super Green Lemonade
  115. The Toasted Coconut Strawberry Smoothie
  116. The Kicker
  117. The Super Blueberry Smoothie
  118. The Vitamin C Smoothie
  119. The Super Strawberry Smoothie
  120. The Hangover Smoothie
  121. The Green Ginger OJ
  122. The Berry Goddess Smoothie

Excerpt from the eBook

The Apple Pucker

½-¾ head romaine lettuce
3 cups baby spinach
½ Fuji or Granny Smith apple
1 teaspoon fresh ginger (optional)
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Add ingredients to juicer alternating between them. Pour into chilled glass and whisk in lemon juice.

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