• The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn
  • Pages 48
  • Chapters 17
  • Format PDF
This eBook shares real stories from my own life, from the time when I was trapped in the cycle of active addiction.

I am now 8 years clean from drugs and alcohol and I work a program of recovery.

This eBook is intended to give hope to drug addicts and alcoholics that are struggling to get clean, to help them break through their own denial.

It is also intended to help non-addicts get an understanding of how an addict thinks while in active addiction.

This is the first eBook I have published about addiction, sharing the actual events during my active addiction.

I will be bringing out another 2 eBooks. The second one will share my journey into recovery, how I managed to get clean.

The last eBook will be about being an addict in recovery, how I get through things clean and the gifts that recovery has brought me.

This eBook is 48 page, 17 chapters and 21 000 words. It shares 14 stories from my days in active addiction.

Table of Contents

  1. How it all began
  2. Welcome to my world
  3. Swat Team
  4. Crooked Cops
  5. Your dog is melting
  6. Nose Dive
  7. Warped Reality
  8. Christmas Arrest
  9. Chicken
  10. Leech
  11. Window Shopping
  12. Sunday Visitors
  13. Witches Broom Stick
  14. Perhaps you drink too much
  15. Paranoia
  16. Stopayne
  17. Fast Forward to Today

Excerpt from the eBook

One of the biggest challenges an addict faces is denial.

No-one can get clean when they don’t believe they have a problem and they don’t need help.

In treatment for addiction one of the big focuses is what they call “powerlessness and damages”.

It is what helps an addict to see that they have a problem.

This eBook is not intended to be a collection of war stories. It is actually a collection of some of my worst cases of powerlessness and damages.

If you are not an addict or an alcoholic know that I have written this book with as much honesty as I can and I have tried to convey exactly how I was feeling at the time.

So let’s play a game while you read my book, ok?

Pretend you are in a fantasy world where any craziness is possible, even someone being in complete denial when the truth is smacking them on the head with a sledge hammer.

Try and put yourself into my shoes as you read my story.

Try and believe that my helplessness and confusion is not only possible, but completely true.

Imagine feeling that level of fear or humiliation.

If you are an addict in recovery, or in active addiction I am sure you will relate to everything in this eBook in some way.

If you are an addict in active addiction, know that I am clean for 8 years now.

I am living a life in recovery and it is a beautiful life with so much joy.

When you are finished reading this book know that if I could go through all this and get clean there is only one thing standing in your way.

That is yourself. Make your decision to change your life and get help.

If you want this but you feel helpless and overwhelmed, it starts with a simple step.

Reaching out for help.

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