• ★ HOW I MADE 1,500+$ ★ USING A ''PPD SITE'' -
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This ebook is about PPD sites Paid per Download], how to get downloads with surveys. I explain in 16 pages how you could make users to download your files. This is a noob friendly ebook with many examples, steps and details of each method. The price is just 10$. Even if you dont know what a PPD site is, you will absolutely learn and make in the next few hours your first dollars. Also for those who already know how ''PPD'' sites work and getting often downloads, it will be helpfull too. Not only you will find out how to promote and "where" your files but you will also learn how to attract visitors to your files with the correct way and getting daily downloads. Dont lose this offer! IT'S A MUST FOR PPD EARNERS!

  • It could lead you to passive income if you work a lot of time on it!
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      1. 16 Pages - easy to understand with steps and details!
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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What to upload
  3. How to upload [Quality]
  4. File names [The correct way]
  5. Facebook promotion [Methods + Details]
  6. Youtube promotion [Methods + Details]
  7. Blogger promotion [Methods + Details]
  8. How to get downloads [Methods + Details]
  9. How people will trust you [Methods + Details]
  10. Tricks - Advices
  11. Where to find your niches
  12. How to select your niches
  13. Methods of promoting
  14. Examples & Sources of ready good looking niches
  15. & much more!

Excerpt from the eBook

Put your mind to think, this is the hardest part with PPD sites, what to upload, where to promote and how to promote. Go and check your hard disk.. what you have that others don’t have? If you cant find anything don’t worry we can find a solution

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  • mishoo86
    mishoo86 5 years ago

    i like it, it's full with good information.

  • jacoblee
    jacoblee 5 years ago

    It's good but the price is high than value

  • pirek
    pirek 6 years ago

    Great, thanks!

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  • K4rMa

    Now yes, I am Online

    5 years ago
  • jacoblee

    Would you like explain more details about this MMO method?

    5 years ago
  • K4rMa

    It's for PPD Networks that pay per download. You upload file and you promote it around the web [Youtube,Facebook]. And each time someone download your file you get paid. But someone to download your file he must complete a survey. And this ebook explains in 16 pages how you will make the users to download your files and make
    easy money!

    5 years ago
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