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Learn how to beat millionaires at their own game!

For all these years there have been methods to acquiring wealth that no one knows about. Let me introduce myself, My name is Tim Givings and I've been an investor, researcher, and entrepreneurs for many years. For the many years I've been active in researching how many of the world's global executives made a windfall of complete wealth. In my book I will reveal:
  • Easy wealth creation
  • Create multiple successful online businesses
  • Investing like a millionaire
  • The mindset of a millionaire
I've been researching and study these specifics for over 6+ years, so this has been in the making for a long time, and I want to release it to you guys EXCLUSIVELY. I hope you guys find the contents within this book very useful and I know that it will change your life for the better!

Table of Contents

    1. How wealth is created
    2. How to create a successful online business
    3. How to invest like a millionaire
    4. The mindset of a millionaire

Excerpt from the eBook

How do people get “rich”? It’s a question that I see almost constantly asked in popular culture, both directly and indirectly. It’s a constant theme on networks like CNBC and Fox Business News. It’s a big part of countless television commercials, news programs, magazine and newspaper articles, and even entertainment programming. It’s the subject of endless classes, books, and conversations, too. Many seem to assume that it’s impossible for the average person to get rich without an obscene amount of luck (which isn’t true at all). Others seem to believe that it requires wealth to become wealthier (which is sort of true, but not entirely). Still others attribute it to hard work, more than the average person is willing to produce, and to smart work (which is absolutely true). Another common idea is that it’s all about maximizing investment secrets and insider knowledge (not really true). The truth is that the elements of building significant wealth – enough to live out the rest of your life – are in the hands of every person, but they require a number of ingredients. You need hard work. You need smart work. You need self-control. You need patience and time. You need to be responsible for your own choices, good or bad. You need to accept your own faults and the challenges of your current situation and try to make the best of the hand that you’re dealt.

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