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In My Book i reveal the secrets of the Roulette Game. As a 30 years experienced Roulette croupier and Casino Manger ,I teach how the dealer can hit certain numbers or sectors on the wheel. and I teach how to be the house not against it. free life time customer suport answering your questions anywhere in the world.

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Excerpt from the eBook

The Winning Roulette System
(Visual Roulette)
30 Years Worth of Experience In Your Hands

Phone number: 210-415-8586.
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Chapter 1
Congratulations! Say welcome to wealth!! Please do yourself a favor and protect your wealth. Don't brag that you are making money. Keep it to yourself because this is your insurance for life. Enjoy making money and help your loved ones. Don't let go of your source of living that we gave you. The more you reveal this system to others, the more you are close to ending your luck. Trust me on this. You will never lose! Deal? Ok. Let's Start....
This is a betting system or strategy based on visual prediction and physics facts. Proven and tested to work 100% on both wheels (single 0 and double 00). Have you ever seen a roulette table with so many players placing tons of money and covering all numbers BUT there is only 1 single number that has not been bet on by any player? Yes, you've seen it many times and if you are a Roulette player this has happened to you. Amazingly, that empty number comes up and NOBODY wins! Of course the Casino wins! You ask yourself how did that happen? The answer is simple: The dealer can hit any number and any sector on the wheel, or at least he can stay away from the winning numbers that the players have placed their bets! The good news is that we are going to teach you how the Dealer and the Casinos do this! How does that sound? Great huh? If you know where the dealer is aiming then, you can bet on that area. 95% of the dealers spin the same way and aim the same way because it either happens naturally or deliberately.
This is a full money back guarantee! It is preferable to try it in a land Casino, (it works for online Live Dealer Casino), because it's easier to see the numbers. If it doesn't work we will give you your money back. Guaranteed.
After you make the purchase, we will send you a Skype ID, E-mail address and/or a phone number, whichever you prefer. We will give you a One on One, step by step, instruction on how to use our system. This way we will make sure that you fully understand the system as opposed to reading a book that you may not understand in full. You can ask as many questions as you want and we will be happy to answer and explain.

Chapter 2
What do you need? All you need is to print out one of the photos of the wheels depending on which wheel you prefer to play (single 0 or 00) wheel. Remember this system works for both. You also need to know about the basic rules of roulette and the payouts. This is so easy if you have played roulette before. If you are a beginner, then we will teach you.
This system is extremely easy to learn. All what is needed from your side is to watch the wheel and know the spinning number (the number the ball is on when the dealer spins the wheel). This is so easy. The rest is what this system is all about and what we are going to teach you. No experience required.
This system has been designed by a former roulette dealer, who worked for 30 years in different casinos and in different countries. The dealer is skilled to spin the ball away from the winning numbers and sometimes target a certain number on the wheel and hit it! You can figure out that the dealer knew where the ball would fall. It comes with experience and we will teach you this experience in a very simple to understand way.
You can practice this at home and therefore go to the casino prepared without having to use your money for practice. How? We will send you video links to watch live spins and practice at home. Your training will take between 1-3 hours with us on the phone or Skype and even as little as 30 minutes if you have playing experience.
How much you can make? As much as you can, if you stick to our instructions. The only way you will lose is when you get greedy and start betting high with what you won trying to win more.
We will teach you how to bet, how much money to bet, when to bet, how to choose a table, when to stop betting and lastly when to go home.
We will teach you also the Casino countermeasures (what the Casino will do when they see a winning player) and we will teach you how to deal with it.
This is not a mathematical system, nor a progression system. Flat bets and straight up bets are done with each spin.

Chapter 3
We know that you have probably lost thousands and thousands of dollars trying to win at roulette. Now we ask you to gamble and risk your money one more time with us. With us, No loss, is guaranteed. If you don't like it, then that's fine... We will give you a full refund. It has worked for so many people and there is no reason it won't work for you. We will not end your training session without making sure you have the idea and you have mastered the system.
With our system, you don't have to worry about the dealer calling no more bets, because you will place your bet right after the dealer releases the ball which gives you time to place a good amount of chips on one or more numbers. You can also place your bets before the dealer spins.
The bankroll is 200 Units. Your target daily winning units is 500 units.
You only start betting when you monitor the table for 5 minutes. You have to first qualify the dealer. Then, you start betting with confidence because it's a not a luck game any more. You know what you are doing and you know what the dealer is doing too!
Do not play in casinos that have only 1-2 roulette tables. The best place is a place like Las Vegas or any other gambling place with many roulette tables and many casinos. This will give you an edge on choosing the right table. If you don't like a table then you can just go to another. You will for sure find so many tables that are winning tables.
Always make a minimum and maximum daily win. If you make the minimum, put it aside and don't risk using it. It now remains off limits. Continue playing and once you reach your maximum, then it's time to go home and come back tomorrow. If you stick to our instructions, your monthly winnings will be shocking! You will be amazed. If you do not follow our instructions, then you will lose for sure and that's not our fault. You didn't follow the rules.
Do not play when you are tired or haven't had good sleep because this system is about concentration. You have to be relaxed and in a good mental and physical condition and ready to use your mind effectively.
If you use your daily bankroll, that's fine, call it a day and go back the next day. Watch! Watch! And Watch before you play; that's the Golden Rule. You have to qualify the dealer. Remember, you are not there to have fun. It's BUSINESS. You qualify the table, then, you play. If the table doesn't qualify, then change tables. Do not say to yourself, 'I want to try'. You will lose. Play ONLY when its 100% guaranteed qualified table.
Golden Rule: Never risk your savings and Never go to the Casino with the money you need. Always play with money you can afford to lose. Gambling can be a form of entertainment, as long as it is not taken to an extreme. Some people spend their money on concerts, or massages, or golf. This should be seen and treated in a similar fashion.
Print out the photo of the roulette wheel. Use either the single 0 or double 0. This depends on where you want to play. The 00 wheel is easier to memorize and the 0 wheel has higher odds. With our system, you have a huge edge on both wheels. It's up to you to choose the system in which you feel comfortable and also it helps to choose the same wheel that will be available at the casino. Become familiar with the more common wheel in the places you plan to play.
Now... The core of the system: You have to decide the wheel direction and this is so easy to know! It's either clockwise or counterclockwise. Whenever the wheel is moving clockwise the ball has to be spun counterclockwise and vice versa. Single 0 roulette casinos will change the direction of the wheel on each spin. Therefore, one spins it clockwise and the next spin is counterclockwise. Double 00 roulette tables spin in only one direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise. This makes it a little bit easier to play for beginners. After practicing experience it won't matter.

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