I will create schema markup structured data of rich snippets for $80

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I will create schema markup structured data of rich snippets

I will do schema integration for your business website in the correct format that Googlebot and other search engines want to see. Schema markup Data is the term used for adding additional markup to HTML pages to help bots better understand information on a Web page.

The structured data can help increase search engine understanding of your website niche content as well as enhance search
visibility via rich result card and knowledge graph card. Schema markup is a great way to create more search engine-friendly signals, which can indirectly impact search rankings.

Benefits of Rich Snippets:

  • Provides Google with accurate information
  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Increase click-through rate
  • Improve rankings
  • Helps in proper indexing under the right search category

Google supports Schema markup for the following data types:

  1. Local business
  2. Organization
  3. Person & Portfolio
  4. Company
  5. Breadcrumb
  6. Corporate Contact
  7. Carousel
  8. Logo
  9. Sitelinks Searchbox
  10. Social Profile
  11. Article
  12. Book
  13. Course
  14. Dataset
  15. Event
  16. Fact Check
  17. Job Posting
  18. Occupation
  19. Podcast
  20. Product
  21. Recipe
  22. Review
  23. Speakable
  24. Video
and much more...

I will boost up your local ranking guaranteed by correctly optimized schema markup creation.

All Platform supported

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schema markup structur schemama seo data


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