pr8 to PR0 24000 wikilinks + 40000 Comment Backlinks, unlimited urls, keywords /. for $13

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pr8 to PR0 24000 wikilinks + 40000 Comment Backlinks, unlimited urls, keywords../*/..

hi every body...i am can get thousands of wiki links but, who will make then indexed? It's a problem right? Because without indexation no link can give you any ranking..../*/... So, here is the complete solution.... I will first generate 24000+ wikilinks and then for there indexation and link juice..... I will generate 40000+ blog comment backlinks using scrapebox.... I will give you 4 contextual backlinks in every post.... You can customize this gig if you buy more then two gigs.... Use Unlimited Keyowrds and url.*/*/.... Panda, Penguin Safe../*/...Ranking Booster..... you will get complete report of all wiki links.... complete report of comment backlinks..../*/... else where on other gigs you have to buy two gigs to do the same thing....but here, just buy one gig and I will do the rest.../*/ need for article......I will scrape one related article.. i will spin it and use it by adding your urls and Keywords.....Give me minimum 4 urls and there related keywords because I will add 4 links in every wiki post..//.. Total I will publish 6000 wiki posts with 4 links and you will get 24000 wiki links.. Please do not use this gig for your main site with keywords on which you already have good ranking.....i will deliver your order in 4 days.....order now.....thank you....!!!!!!!!!!&&&&&&


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